Bishop Burnet's Travels Through France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland: Describing Their Religion, Learning, Government, Customs, Natural History, Trade, &c., and Illustrated with Curious Observations on the Buildings, Paintings, Antiquities and Other Curiosities in Art and Nature. With a Detection of Frauds and Folly of Popery and Superstition in Some Flagrant Instances, Also Characters of Several Eminent Persons, and Many Other Memorable Things Worthy the Attention of the Curious

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T. Payne, 1750 - Europe - 310 pages

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Page 277 - there is a picture one would think invented to ridicule transubstantiation. There is a windmill, and the Virgin Mary throws Christ into the hopper, and he comes out at the eye of the mill all in wafers, which a priest takes up to give to the people.
Page 114 - But that which is moft of all, is, fhe writes legibly. In order to her learning to write, her Father, who is a worthy Man, and hath fuch Tendernefs for her, that he furnifheth her with...
Page 39 - ... that hole which yet remains, and runs from one of the cells, along a great part of the wall of the church : for a friar spoke through a pipe, and at the end of the hole there was an image of the Virgin's with a little Jesus in her arms, between whom and his mother the voice seemed to come ; the image also seemed to shed tears, and a painter had drawn those on her face so lively, that the people were deceived by it. The little Jesus asked why she wept, and she said it...
Page 52 - May 1559, writes, that the queen refused to be called head of the church, and adds, that that title could not be justly given to any mortal, it being due only to Christ ; and that such titles had been so much abused by antichrist, that they ought not to be any longer continued. On all...
Page 14 - That they cannot be the primary Productions of the Author of Nature: But are the vast Ruines of the first World, which at the Deluge broke here into...
Page 32 - ... figure, and he had a box near his mouth, upon which, as he blew, fire seemed to come out of his mouth: he had also some dogs about him, that appeared as his tormentors. In this posture he came near the friar while he was a-bed, and took up a celebrated story that they used to tell all their...
Page 30 - Bern, it is very probable that it contributed not a little to the preparing of the spirits of the people to that change. I am the more able to give a particular account of it, because I read the original process in the Latin record, signed by the Notaries of the court of the delegates that the Pope sent to try the matter.
Page 99 - Islands, that are certainly the loveliest spots of ground in the World, there is nothing in all Italy that can be compared to them, they have the full view of the Lake, and the ground rises so sweetly in them that nothing can be imagined like the Terraces here, they belong to two Counts of the Borromean family.
Page 115 - Father kept in the Houfe with her, hath likewife a wonderful Faculty of acquiring Tongues* When he came firft to Geneva (for he is of Zurich) he fpoke not a word of French, and within thirteen Months he preach'd in French eorrectly, and with a good Accent.
Page 95 - Protestant minister's sermons, that preached in a little church, which those of the religion had there,, and warned them often of the terrible judgments of God, which were hanging over their heads, and that he believed would suddenly break out upon them.

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