Minutes of the court of burgomasters and schepens, 1653-1655

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Pub. under the authority of the city by the Knickerbocker Press, 1897 - New York (N.Y.)

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Page 34 - Be it known, that we knowing the prosperity of these countries, and the welfare of their inhabitants depends principally on navigation and trade, which in all former times by the said Countries were carried on happily, and with a great blessing to all countries and kingdoms; and desiring that...
Page 31 - ... most convenient opportunity." The early settlers found much difficulty in enforcing public sanitation, for, in spite of the worldwide reputation of the Dutch for indoor cleanliness, we find the burghers in 1658 bitterly reproached for throwing their rubbish, filth, dead animals, and the like into the streets "to the great inconvenience of the community and dangers arising from it.
Page 264 - On the instant request both oral and written, of Jan Peeck to be allowed to pursue his business as before inasmuch as he is burthened with a houseful of children and more besides, the Court having considered his complaint and that he is an old Burgher, have granted his prayer on condition that he comport himself properly and without blame, and not violate either one or the other of the placards, on pain of having Ms business stopped without favor and himself punished as he deserve, should he be found...
Page 291 - Jews who came here last year from the West Indies and now from Fatherland, must prepare to depart forthwith, and that they shall receive notice thereof, and asked if the Burgomasters and Schepens had anything to object thereto.
Page 256 - ... noise made by drunkards, especially yesterday, Sunday, in this house, so that he was obliged to remove one to jail in a cart which was a most scandalous affair. He demands, therefore, that Jan Peck's license be annulled and that he pay a fine according to the ordinance and placards of the Rt. Hon'ble Director General and Council. The Worshipful Court having seen the remonstrance of the Sheriff against Jan Peck, who being legally summoned did not appear, decided, on account of his disorderly housekeeping...
Page 1 - Sunday in contravention of law, to the contempt and disgrace of our person and office, to the annnoyance of our neighbors and to the disregard, nay contempt of Gods holy laws and ordinances, which command us, to keep holy in His honor His day of rest, the Sabbath, and forbid all bodily injury and murder, as well as the means and inducements, leading thereto,— Therefore, by the advice of the late...
Page 21 - Fatherland; and besides, such gatherings lead to trouble, heresies and schisms. Therefore, to prevent this, the Director General and Council strictly forbid all such public or private conventicles and meetings, except the usual and authorized ones, where God's Word, according to the Reformed and established custom, is preached and taught in meetings held for the religious service of the Reformed Church, conformably to the Synod of Dort, which is to be followed here, as in the Fatherland, and in the...
Page 31 - The first municipal ordinance concerning the disposal of refuse is recorded under date of 1657 and reads thus : Henceforth no one shall be allowed to throw into the streets or into the graft any rubbish, filth, ashes, oyster-shells, dead animal or anything like it, but they shall bring all such things to the to them most convenient of the following places, to wit the Strand, near the City hall, near the gallows, near Hendrick the baker, near Daniel Litsco, where tokens to that effect shall be displayed,...
Page 244 - Jews, according to their signatures, defts. Touching the ballance of the payment of the passage of the said Jews, for which each is bound in solidum. Whereas their goods sold thus far by vendue, do not amount to the payment of their obligation, it is, therefore, requested that one or two of the said Jews be taken as principal, which, according to the aforesaid contract or obligation cannot be refused.
Page 16 - ... among which is found much unpierced and only half-finished, made of stone, glass, bone, shells, horn, nay even of wood and broken — " "Therefore we have resolved that henceforth no loose wampum shall be current unless strung upon a wire." "trade wampun shall pass as good pay as heretofore at the rate of six white or three black beads for one stiver

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