Warriors: Omen of the Stars #3: Night Whispers

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Harper Collins, Nov 23, 2010 - Juvenile Fiction - 368 pages
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After the sharp-eyed Jay and the roaring Lion, peace will come on Dove's gentle wing.

The deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan is over, but the aftermath still echoes around all four Clans. As Dovepaw grapples with the knowledge that there are realms—and cats—her senses cannot reach, Jayfeather and Lionblaze are determined to figure out how StarClan could have allowed this fight to happen. Jayfeather soon finds the answer in the darkest of places, and he and Lionblaze prepare to do whatever they can to staunch the flow of evil into ThunderClan.

The ties that bind the Clans are slowly breaking in the face of the greatest threat that the warriors—and the warrior code—have ever known. As leaf-bare closes its grip upon the territories, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw realize just how close the battle is, and how far they are from being able to succeed. And before the prey can run again, one more cat will be lost to the fight.


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hi, you people MIGHT remember me, because I have reviewed Warriors: The New Prophecy: Twilight, A series of Unfortunate Events: The slippery slope & The Carnivorous Carnival. I AM RANDOM. Icing? Sooo, here It is!
Tigerheart confesses true love to Dovepaw *such a jerk. Ivypaw is WAY cooler* Ivypaw begins to SPY on the Dark Forest *I know, dangerous, and all Lionblaze and Jayfeather's idea, but Ivy Is Epic, so she managed*
Longtail beams down from StarClan in a flying saucer *ha ha. tricked you*
Teacher:What just, like, happened?Me:OOOH! PICK ME! I KNOW, KNOW!Teacher:Yes, me?Me:I IS BEING RANDOM! :) :D!Teacher:>_< Me: What? You not surprised?Teacher:*groans* DYE! *smashes everyone in path* Me:You spelled die wrong:) :D!Teacher:>_< *Crushes* Dye all GOOD SPELLERS WHO GOOF AT EVERY CHANCE! GSWGAEC (Good Spellers who goof at every chance): *die*Me: :):D I don't goof of at every chance! I am actually quite serious!:):):):):):)Teacher:Yeah right.Me: :( You not angry!Teacher: XD!;D:)!
That was random.

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I think this series is the best series in the world! It is like never-ending. It is a little hard to understand at some parts so I would say 9 and up or so.

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Erin Hunter is inspired by a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world. As well as having great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich mythical explanations for animal behavior. She is also the author of the bestselling Warriors and Seekers series.

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