The Original Mr. Jacobs: A Startling Exposť

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Minerva Publishing Company, 1888 - Anti-Jewish propaganda - 308 pages
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Page 10 - Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in II pieces like a potter's vessel.
Page 295 - ... men, who assume so important a profession, ready to defend any side for pay ; and debasing their characters by an affectation of extreme libertinism, of infidelity, and of every kind of profligacy, which tends to harden the heart, and to deaden the feelings of humanity, no less than to stifle the sentiments of true honour. No. CXIII. On some Inconveniences...
Page 294 - Hints to those wlw are designed for the Profession of the Law. THERE is no order in- the community more contemptible than that of those practitioners in the law, •who, without one liberal principle of justice or equity, possess a skill in little else but quibbles, and in those points by which villany is taught to proceed with impunity, cunning enabled to elude the spirit by misrepresenting the letter, and truth perplexed, obscured...
Page 269 - I know how much pain the child must have caused you. Forgive him, my dear sister; think of his age, and how easy it is to make a child say whatever one...
Page 104 - CAII'HALA, a mysterious kind of science or knowledge among Jewish rabbins, pretended to have been delivered to the ancient Jews by revelation — specifically to Moses on Sinai — and transmitted by oral tradition, serving for the interpretation of difficult passages of Scripture. This science consists chiefly in understanding the combination of certain letters, words, and numbers which are alleged to be significant. Every letter, word, number, and accent of the law is supposed to contain a mystery,...
Page 266 - We believethat man's natural state is that of society, in a physical, as well as in a moral, point of view, and that man, in the savage state, is no more in a natural condition than a pine tree which is found growing near the limits of perpetual snow on the Alps, where it is stunted to the height of two or three feet.
Page 6 - The Jew is a born trafficker, a born liar, full of cunning and intrigue. The Aryan is enthusiastic, heroic, chivalrous, frank and confident. The Jew sees nothing beyond the present. The Aryan is the child of Heaven, constantly preoccupied with superior aspirations. The one lives in the real, the other in the ideal. The Jew is mercenary by instinct. He has the bent for everything pertaining to business, for everything that gives him the opportunity to cheat his fellow men.
Page 9 - The stain in the picture of civilization, the bad genius of the earth. His gifts are pests. To fight the Semitic ideas is the duty of the Aryan race. " Renan wrote the above before the unheard-of successes of Judaism during recent years. Nothing is more curious than to study the manner with which Renan, so wonderfully endowed in a scholarly point of view, yet so low in respect to character, kneels before his victors.
Page 6 - America. To-day the Jewish societies in New York city alone own real estate valued at nearly thirty million dollars. There are now more than nine hundred thousand Israelites in the United States. Let the reader stroll down Broadway, or down any of the leading streets of New York city, and he will find Jewish names plenty as the locusts of Egypt. By far the...
Page 1 - IT must not be supposed that the Jews as a class are an intelligent race. Assurance is often mistaken for intelligence. I admit that there have been eminent men among the Jews, as, for instance, their renowned lawgiver and leader in ancient times, Moses. But a careful examination of this anomaly (it is not an exception) will show that the great men among the Jews have drunk copious draughts of Aryan civilization, and have quickly either renounced Judaism or adopted a nominal, sometimes a real, Christianity....

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