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Smithsonian Institution Press, 1907 - Science

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Page 94 - ... metatarsal tubercles; the hind limb being carried forward along the body, the tibio-tarsal articulation reaches the eye; skin nearly smooth above, with small warts on the sides.
Page 446 - If the genus contains both exotic and nonexotic species from the standpoint of the original author, the type should be selected from the nonexotic species.
Page 446 - ART. 30. If the original type of a genus was not indicated, the author who first subdivides the genus may apply the name of the original genus to such restricted genus or subgenus as may be judged advisable, and such assignment is not subject to subsequent change.
Page 355 - GRIFFIN. elongate; one prae- and two post-oculars; temporals 2+2; nine upper labials, fifth and sixth entering the eye; five lower labials in contact with the anterior chin-shields, which are shorter than the posterior. Scales in 13 rows.
Page 108 - Tada, colteeth in two oblique groups behind a line through the center of the choante, and projecting backward beyond the latter; snout long, pointed, distance from tip to eye much greater than horizontal diameter of orbit; nostril nearer the tip of the snout than the eye; interorbital space much wider than upper eyelid; tympanum two-thirds the diameter of the eye ; first finger not extending beyond second ; no knob-like protuberance on inner side of...
Page 390 - ... and a half as broad as deep, scarcely visible from above; internasals shorter than prefrontals; frontal much longer than broad, longer than its distance from end of snout, shorter than parietals; loreal about as deep as long; one preocular ; three postoculars ; temporals 1-1 ; seven upper labials, third and fourth entering eye ; four lower labials in contact with anterior genials; posterior genials much longer than anterior; scales in 17 rows, strongly keeled except first row where smooth or...
Page 71 - Hind foot, from base of inner metatarsal tubercle to tip of longest toe 30 Length of parotoid 20 Width of parotoid 8 Remarks.—This species is included on the strength of Boulenger's record of a female specimen from "Philippine Islands.
Page 134 - ... the diameter of the eye; fingers moderate, first not extending beyond second; toes entirely webbed; tips of fingers and toes dilated into well-developed disks, which are much smaller than the tympanum; subarticular tubercles...
Page 311 - COLL. TOKYO. and the skin between; a longitudinal blackish band on ventrals near the lateral angle and frequently interrupted; each ventral with the posterior edge irregularly marked with black; subcaudals narrowly edged with black so as to form a black median line; all the upper and lateral cephalic sutures marked with black. Dimensions. mm. Total length 1. 455 Snout to vent 1, 155 Vent to tip of tail 300 Tip of snout to posterior end of parietals 34 The young (USNM No. 36508) are much paler and...
Page ix - ADVERTISEMENT. The scientific publications of the National Museum consist of two series — the Bulletin and the Proceedings. The Bulletin, publication of which was begun in 1875, is a series of more or less extensive works intended to illustrate the collections of the US National Museum and, with the exception noted below, is issued separately.

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