An Ear and Eye Spelling Book: A Book on Word Study for the Primary Grades

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Rand, McNally, 1905 - Spellers - 88 pages
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Page 41 - ... boiler, rejoice, embroider, boy, oyster, joy, joyful, coy, toy. 60, as in food, moon. Coo, too, woo, brood, mood, food, rood, hoof, woof, proof, aloof, cool, fool, pool, school, spool, stool, boom, gloom, groom, loom, room, doom, broom, bloom, boon, soon, loon, moon, noon, spoon, swoon, balloon, festoon, loop, scoop, sloop, stoop, swoop, troop, droop, whoop, coop, hoop, boor, poor, moor, goose, loose, moose, noose, root, boot, coot, hoot, toot, soot, shoot, booth, smooth, ooze, snooze, befool,...
Page 3 - Rückert in German, and even H. Heine, often fall victims to their own mastery. They spoil their poems in order to show that they can find a rhyme for anything and everything, however grotesque the rhyme may be. I remember once being bold enough to ask Tennyson what was the use or excuse of rhyme. He was not offended, but was quite ready with his answer, " Rhyme helps the memory," he said — and that answer was as honest as it was true.
Page 54 - Lesson 28 c = k before a, o, u, before a consonant, and at the end of a syllable call act col'ic can'ker cold eth'ics rus'tic coast'er cull pic'ture frol'ic coin'age calf scribe al'ma nac col'lege cod scotch pol'i tic col'o ny cute se cure...

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