Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association at the Annual Meeting

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Page 27 - Nor was the temper of the House of Representatives in a much better frame than that of the populace, two thirds of the members at least being either partners or abettors of the Land Bank Scheme, from whom a general opposition to all the measures of Government necessary at that time for his Majesty's service and the public welfare of the Province seemed in their present disposition to be much feared.
Page 18 - That for the acts passed in Parliament for incouraging trade and navigation, wee humbly conceive, according to the usuall sayings of the learned in the lawe, that the lawes of England are bounded within the fower seas, and doe not reach America. The subjects of his majestic here being not represented in Parliament...
Page 27 - As to the temper of the people at that time the Land Bank Party, which was very numerous throughout the Province, was irritated and inflamed to such a degree that they seemed ripe for tumult and disorder ; they had persuaded themselves that the Act of Parliament could not be carried into execution, and they had even bid defiance to the Government by their threats.
Page 16 - Lordships' surprize on this head I need only to acquaint you that 1 write this clad in a superfine French Cloth, which I bought on purpose that I might wear about the evidence of these illegal traders having already begun to destroy the vital parts of the British commerce...
Page 13 - The people of the continent with irresistible energy obeyed one general impulse, as the earth in spring listens to the command of nature, and without the appearance of effort bursts forth to life in perfect harmony.
Page 16 - The regulation of the colonies," "the whole remittance from all the taxes in the colonies, at an average of thirty years, has not amounted to One Thousand Nine Hundred Pounds a year, and in that sum Seven or Eight Hundred Pounds per annum only, have been remitted from North America.
Page 26 - I., when it was passed, had no relation to America ; but another act, twenty years after, gave it force, even from the passing it, which it never could have had without. THIS WAS SAID TO BE AN INSTANCE OF THE TRANSCENDENT POWER OF PARLIAMENT.
Page 7 - Bradbury, in the chair. The records of the last annual meeting were read and approved. The annual reports of the librarian, cabinet keeper, recording secretary, corresponding secretary and treasurer, were read and* accepted.
Page 16 - We appointed Edward Randolph collector of our customs in Massachusetts, to check the breaches of the acts of trade and navigation frequently practised and connived at therein. We are well satisfied that Edward Randolph has discharged his duty with all diligence and fidelity, yet, because unlawful trading is countenanced by you, all his care has been of little...
Page 32 - Abbott, op. cit., p. 39. It is important to note in this connection, however, that there were no legal impediments to colonial incorporation. The Act of 1741 applied only to joint-stock companies, not to corporations. Cf. Andrew M. Davis, "Provincial Banks: Land and Silver," Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol.

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