The Flowery Kingdom and the Land of the Mikado: Or, China, Japan, and Corea; Containing Their Complete History Down to the Present Time ...

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National publishing Company, 1894 - China - 624 pages
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Page 123 - When beggars die there are no comets seen ; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.
Page 201 - Babylon, making its course to the south, the palaces lie the one on the east, and the other on the west side of the river; both built at exceeding costs and expense.
Page 257 - Self-adjustment and purification, with careful regulation of his dress, and the not making a movement contrary to the rules of propriety : — this is the way for the ruler to cultivate his person.
Page 480 - The vicious woman's heart is ever excited; she glares wildly around her, she vents her anger on others, her words are harsh and her accent vulgar. When she speaks, it is to set herself above others, to upbraid others, to envy others, to be puffed up with individual pride, to jeer at others, to outdo others, — all things at variance with the "way" in which a woman should walk. The only qualities that befit a woman are gentle obedience, chastity, mercy, and quietness.
Page 257 - Were our Master in the position of the ruler of a State or the chief of a Family, we should find verified the description which has been given of a sage's rule: — he would plant the people, and forthwith they would be established; he would lead them on, and forthwith they would follow him; he would make them happy, and forthwith multitudes would resort to his dominions; he would stimulate them, and forthwith they would be harmonious. While he lived, he would be glorious. When he died, he would...
Page 232 - As soon as the address was delivered we laid our letters of credence upon the table. The Emperor made a slight bow of acknowledgement, and the Prince of Kung falling upon both knees at the foot of the throne, His Majesty appeared to speak to him — I say appeared, because no sound reached my ears. We had been told, however, that the Emperor would speak in Manchu, and that the Prince would interpret. Accordingly as...
Page 204 - I saw a man bearing away upon his back something enveloped in an ample covering of scarlet cloth ; he was surrounded by twenty or thirty young fellows, and by them protected from the desperate attacks made upon him by a party of young women.
Page 482 - ... people, she should go but sparingly till she has reached the age of forty. She must not let herself be led astray by mediums and divineresses, and enter into an irreverent familiarity with the gods, neither should she be constantly occupied in praying. If only she satisfactorily perform her duties as a human being, she may let prayer alone without ceasing to enjoy the divine protection.
Page 484 - Parents ! teach the foregoing maxims to your daughters from their tenderest years ! Copy them out from time to time, that they may read and never forget them ! Better than the garments and divers vessels which the fathers of the present day so lavishly bestow upon their daughters when giving them away in marriage, were it to teach them thoroughly these precepts, which would guard them as a precious jewel thoroughout their lives.
Page 480 - The customs of antiquity did not allow men and women to sit in the same apartment, to keep their wearing-apparel in the same place, to bathe in the same place or to transmit to each other anything directly from hand to hand.

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