The Call That Changed My Life

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"The Call that Changed My Life" is a Christian autobiographical book by Robert Peprah-Gyamfi, who came from Ghana to become a medical doctor in Germany. It is an inspiring testimony of how God called him to be a doctor and led him to work in Europe. It is an uplifting and encouraging book, showing how faith in God and a firm goal together with perseverance will lead to success.

It was early on, when the author was still a struggling student in Ghana, that he received a powerful visual manifestation of his goal--a vision of himself and a friend meeting in a street in Europe--and it is this visual goal that spurred him on in overcoming countless hurdles, first as a construction worker in Nigeria, then as an asylum seeker in Berlin, and later as a medical student in Germany threatened with deportation! It is a powerful, heart-warming testimony written with a sincerity that flows from the author's total commitment to his calling.

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作者简介 (2004)

Dr Robert PeprahGyamfi is a medical doctor in general practice in the United Kingdom who became troubled by atheistic literature published over the last decade. He decided to write a defense of the Christian faith and of the Creation Model using the marvel of the human body to illustrate Gods patterned genius.