The Works of the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift ...

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C. Bathurst, W. Strahan, 1784
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Page 156 - What a pleasure it is to be victorious in a cause! To swagger at the Bar! What a fool am I to drudge any more in this woollen trade! For a lawyer I was born, and a lawyer I will be; one is never too old to learn...
Page 115 - Of these am I, who thy protection claim, A watchful sprite, and Ariel is my name. Late, as I rang'd the crystal wilds of air, In the clear mirror of thy ruling star I saw, alas! some dread...
Page 127 - Oft she rejects, but never once offends. Bright as the sun, her eyes the gazers strike, And, like the sun, they shine on all alike. Yet graceful ease, and sweetness void of pride, Might hide her faults, if belles had faults to hide: If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face, and you'll forget them all.
Page 61 - Take of deities, male and female, as many as you can use. Separate them into two equal parts, and keep Jupiter in the middle. Let Juno put him in a ferment, and Venus mollify him. Remember on all occasions to make use of volatile Mercury.
Page 119 - What Time would spare, from Steel receives its date, And monuments, like men, submit to fate ! Steel could the labour of the Gods destroy, And strike to dust th' imperial tow'rs of Troy; Steel could the works of mortal pride confound, And hew triumphal arches to the ground.
Page 60 - But be sure they are qualities which your patron would be thought to have; and, to prevent any...
Page 19 - Frogs are such as can neither walk nor fly, but can leap and bound to admiration. They live generally in the bottom of a ditch and make a great noise whenever they thrust their heads above water. EWIM Esq. TD Gent. 8. The Eels are obscure authors that wrap themselves up in their own mud, but are mighty nimble and pert.
Page 62 - If such a description be necessary, because it is certain there is one in Virgil, Old Troy is ready burnt to your hands. But if you fear that would be thought borrowed, a chapter or two of the Theory of the Conflagration, well circumstanced, and done into verse, will be a good succedaneum.
Page 11 - But all that lies between thefe, as Corn, Flower, Fruits, Animals, and Things for the...
Page 130 - TN the name of the. Lord. Amen. I PP by the grace of God, clerk" of this parifh, writeth this hiftory.

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