Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Volume 2

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Page 452 - The whole country is divided into eighteen districts, and in all of them were so many and such stately stone buildings that it was amazing, and the greatest wonder is, that having no use of any metal, they were able to raise such structures, which seem to have been temples, for their houses were always of timber and thatched.
Page 52 - Our advanced guard having gone to the great square, the buildings of which had been lately whitewashed and plastered, in which art these people are very expert, one of our horsemen was so struck with the splendour of their appearance in the sun, that he came back in full speed to Cortez to tell him that the walls of the houses were of silver.
Page 46 - On the walls of the desolate edifice were prints of the mano Colorado, or red hand. Often as I saw this print, it never failed to interest me. It was the stamp of the living hand. It always brought me nearer to the builders of these cities ; and at times, amid stillness, desolation, and ruin, it 442 The Memo Colorado.
Page 446 - I will take your wives and children, and will make them slaves, and sell and dispose of them according to his Majesty's pleasure. I will seize your goods, and do you all the mischief in my power, as rebellious subjects who will not acknowledge or submit to their lawful sovereign. And I protest that all the bloodshed and calamities which shall follow are to be imputed to you, and not to his Majesty, or to me, or to the gentlemen who serve under me.
Page 306 - On the side walls they fixed certain stones, like those of a mill, with a hole quite through the middle, just as big as the ball, and he that could strike it through there won the game...
Page 23 - ... filled up made the whole building a solid mass. And the strangest feature was that the filling up of the apartments must have been simultaneous with the erection of the buildings ; for as the filling in rose above the tops of the doorways, the men who performed it never could have entered to their work through the doors. It must have been done as the walls were built, and the ceiling must have closed over a solid mass.
Page 452 - there were so many and such stately stone buildings, that it was amazing. And the greatest wonder was, that, having no use of any metals, they were able to raise such structures, which seem to have been temples, for their houses were all of timber, and thatched.
Page 307 - On a lucky day, at midnight, they performed certain ceremonies and enchantments on the two lower walls and on the midst of the floor, singing certain songs, or ballads; after which a priest of the great temple went with some of their religious men to bless it; he uttered some words, threw the ball about the tennis-court four times, and then it was consecrated, and might be played in, but not before.
Page 446 - But if you will not comply, or maliciously delay to obey my injunction, then, with the help of God, I will enter your country by force, I will carry on war against you with the utmost violence, I will subject you to the yoke of obedience to the church and king, I will take your wives and children, and will make them slaves, and sell or dispose...
Page 305 - Tlachtli, being like our Tennis. The Ball was made of the Gum of a Tree that grows in hot Countries, which having Holes made in it distils great white Drops, that soon harden, and being work'd and moulded together turn as black as Pitch. The Balls made thereof tho...

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