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A. L. Burt, 1911 - English fiction - 323 pages
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Page 324 - Day of the Dog, The. By George Barr McCutcheon. Depot Master, The. By Joseph C. Lincoln.
Page 327 - Boyles. Spoilers, The. By Rex Beach. Stanton Wins. By Eleanor M. Ingram. St. Elmo. (Illustrated Edition.) By Augusta J. Evans. Stolen Singer, The. By Martha Bellinger. Stooping Lady, The. By Maurice Hewlett. Story of the Outlaw, The. By Emerson Hough. Strawberry Acres. By Grace S. Richmond. Strawberry Handkerchief, The. By Amelia E. Barr. Sunnyslde of the Hill, The. By Rosa N. Carey.
Page 326 - Henry Lewis. Princess Passes, The. By CN and AM Williamson. Princess Virginia, The. By CN and AM Williamson. Prisoners.
Page 323 - Bob Hampton of Placer. By Randall Parrish. Bob, Son of Battle. By Alfred Ollivant. Brass Bowl, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.
Page 328 - Valley. By Harold Bindloss. Title Market, The. By Emily Post. Vigilante Girl, A. By Jerome Hart. Village of Vagabonds, A. By F. Berkeley Smith. Wanted — A Chaperon. By Paul Leicester Ford. Wanted: A Matchmaker. By Paul Leicester Ford. Watchers of the Plains, The. By Ridgwell Cullum. White Sister, The* By Marion Crawford.
Page 324 - Uncle William). By Jennette Lee. Hearts and the Highway. By Cyrus Townsend Brady. Held for Orders. By Frank H. Spearman. Hidden Water. By Dane Coolidge. Highway of Fate, The. By Rosa N. Carey. Homesteaders, The. By Kate and Virgil D. Boyles. Honor of the Big Snows, The.
Page 325 - Key to the Unknown, The. By Rosa N. Carey. Kingdom of Earth, The. By Anthony Partridge. King Spruce. By Holman Day. Ladder of Swords, A. By Gilbert Parker. Lady Betty Across the Water. By CN and AM Williamson. Lady Merton, Colonist. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward. Lady of Big Shanty, The. By Berkeley F. Smith. Langford of the Three Bars. By Kate and Virgil D. Boyles. Land of Long Ago, The. By Eliza Calvert Hall. Lane That Had No Turning, The. By Gilbert Parker. Last Trail, The. By Zane Grey.
Page 327 - Sarita the Carlist. By Arthur W. Marchmont. Seats of the Mighty, The. By Gilbert Parker. Sir Nigel. By A. Conan Doyle. Sir Richard Calmady. By Lucas Malet.
Page 327 - Silver Horde, The. By Rex Beach. Sir Nigel. By A. Conan Doyle. Sir Richard Calmady. By Lucas Malet. Skyman, The. By Henry Ketchell Webster. Slim Princess, The. By George Ade. Speckled Bird, A. By Augusta Evans Wilson. Spirit in Prison, A. By Robert Hichens. Spirit of the Border, The. By Zane Grey. Spirit Trail, The. By Kate and Virgil D. Boyles.
Page 325 - Fugitive Blacksmith, The. By Chas. D. Stewart. God's Good Man. By Marie Corelli. Heart's Highway, The. By Mary E. Wilkins. Holladay Case, The. By Burton Egbert Stevenson. Hurricane Island. By HB Marriott Watson. In Defiance of the King. By Chauncey C. Hotchkiss. Indifference of Juliet, The. By Grace S. Richmond. Infelice. By Augusta Evans Wilson.

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