Studien über die stofflichen Beziehungen der englischen Komödie zur italienischen bis Lilly

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M. Niemeyer, 1901 - Comparative literature - 109 pages
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Page 68 - tis most certain, Iras. Saucy lictors Will catch at us, like strumpets ; and scald rhymers Ballad us out o' tune : the quick comedians Extemporally will stage us, and present Our Alexandrian revels : Antony Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness I
Page 67 - Here break we off our sundry languages, And thus conclude I in our vulgar tongue. Haply you think — but bootless are your thoughts — That this is fabulously counterfeit, And that we do as all tragedians do : To die to-day (for fashioning our scene) The death of Ajax or some Roman peer, And in a minute starting up again, Revive to please to-morrow's audience. No...
Page 101 - ... common talk you may his nature rightly know. A roister * ought not preach — that were too strange to hear, — But, as from virtue he doth swerve, so ought his words appear. The old man is sober; the young man rash; the lover triumphing in joys; The matron grave; the harlot wild, and full of wanton toys: Which all in one course they no wise do agree, So correspondent to their kind their speeches ought to be.
Page 32 - Italian's humor: the German is too holy, for he presents on every common stage what preachers should pronounce in pulpits. The Englishman in this quality is most vain, indiscreet, and out of order: he first grounds his work on impossibilities: then in three hours...
Page 66 - Gentlemen, this play of Hieronimo, in sundry languages, was thought good to be set down in English, more largely, for the easier understanding to every public reader.
Page 87 - Ermahnungen fehlen nicht in den Epilogen: an das Herz der Damen wendet sich der Dichter im Epiloge zur Gallathea in zierlichen Worten mit der Bitte, dieses Herz der Herrschaft des Cupido nicht zu verschliessen.
Page 65 - As fitting for the first night's revelling. The Italian tragedians were so sharp of wit, That in one hour's meditation They would perform anything in action.
Page 32 - Tu sei all'antica, e tieni del fiesolano sconciamente; oggidì non si va più a veder recitare commedie per imparare a vivere, ma per piacere, per spasso, per diletto, e per passar maninconia e rallegrarsi. Prologo; Si potrebbe anche mandare a chiamare i Zanni.
Page 56 - The devices of carrying and re-carrying letters by laundresses, practising with pedlars to transport their tokens by colourable means to sell their merchandise, and other kinds of policies to beguile fathers of their children, husbands of their -wives, guardians of their wards, and masters of their servants, were aptly taught in these schools of abuse.
Page 64 - Marry, my good lord, thus : (And yet, methinks, you are too quick with us) : — When in Toledo there I studied, It was my chance to write a tragedy: See here, my lords — [He shows them a book. Which, long forgot, I found this other day. Now would your lordships favour...

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