Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters

Front Cover
Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US, Mar 17, 2020 - Fiction - 187 pages
William Shatspeare has penned a masterpiece!! Universes are colliding. Characters from a tangle of universes-Star Trek, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, DC, Middle Earth, Greek Myth, GOT, Arthurian legend, Norse Mythology, and more-are colliding in a reality gone mad. There is a great disturbance in the Farce! Captain Quark must undo the damage that his Theory of Historical Transitivity has caused. The evil, orange-skinned usurper, Uranus Blowhard, has hypnotized Amerricans with this mind-numbing MAGA chant. Blowhard is determined to collect the five Time Cheaters that will make him the most powerful roach motel tycoon in the Infiniverse. The only thing standing in Blowhard's way is Captain Quark and his crack team of superheroes, The Funtastic Five. Will Captain Quark and the FF thwart Blowhard's scheme to conquer the Infiniverse? You'll find the answer to that and many other brain-tinglers in the pages of Captain Quark and the Time Cheaters. Read on MacDuff!

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