Evenings at Home; Or, The Juvenile Budget Opened:: Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons, Volume 6

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Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, ... and R. Hunter, successor to J. Johnson, 1819 - Children's stories
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Page 85 - I will tell you freely the condition in which you live. You are surrounded with implacable foes, who long for a safe opportunity to revenge upon you and the other planters all the miseries they have endured. The more generous their natures, the more indignant they feel against that cruel injustice which has dragged them hither, and doomed them to perpetual servitude. You can rely on no kindness on your part to soften the obduracy of their resentment.
Page 131 - Or stretch'd amid these orchards of the sun, Give me to drain the cocoa's milky bowl, And from the palm to draw its freshening wine ! More bounteous far than all the frantic juice Which Bacchus pours.
Page 81 - I was treacherously kidnapped in my own country when following an honest occupation. I was put in chains, sold to one of your countrymen, carried by force on board his ship, brought hither and exposed to sale like a beast in the market, where you bought me. What step in all this progress of violence and injustice can give a right...
Page 30 - I should not forget to mention, that my sister was once in a country where she was treated with uncommon respect ; she was lodged in a sumptuous building, and had a number of young women of the best families to attend on her, and feed her, and watch over her health : in short, she was looked upon as something more than a common mortal. But she always behaved with great severity to her maids, and if any of them were negligent of their duty, or made a slip in their own conduct, nothing would serve...
Page 115 - I must have their wool at shearing-time to make out my rent with. But my hogs will eat me out of house and home, without doing me any good. They must go to pot, that's certain ; and the sooner 1 get rid of the fat ones, the better.
Page 109 - Indeed, gentlemen, this is not Guidotto's work, I saw it when only half finished, and it was a most charming performance. Look at the outline, and judge what it must have been before it was so basely injured.
Page 20 - my mistress has sent you a piece of work to do, and she insists upon having it done before you come down to dinner. You will find all the materials in this bag." Juliet took the flower and the bag, and turned out all the silks upon the table. She slowly pulled out a red and a purple, and a blue and a yellow, and at length fixed upon one to begin working with. After taking two or three stitches, and looking at her model, she found another shade was wanted. This was to be hunted out from the bunch,...
Page 20 - My dear," said she, " I heard you crying, and knowing you to be a good girl in the main, I am come to your assistance. My name is Order ; your mamma is well acquainted with me, though this is the first time you ever saw me. But I hope we shall know one another better for the future.
Page 84 - Alas ! is a life like mine, torn from country, friends, and all I held dear, and compelled to toil under the burning sun for a master, worth thinking about for old age ? No— the sooner it ends, the sooner I shall obtain that relief for which my soul pants.

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