Medical Communications, Volume 6

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Page 177 - Report, fbanded on the cases of Typhoid Fever, or the common continued fever of New England, which occurred in the Massachusetts General Hospital, from the opening of that institution in September, 1821, to the end of 1835.
Page 69 - Surgical Observations on the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases, and on Aneurisms, London, 1S09 ; third edition, 1813.
Page 398 - Organismus überall anwesende, selbstthätige (automatische) Lebenskraft durch den dem Leben feindlichen, dynamischen Einfluss eines krankmachenden Agens auf sie verstimmt; nur die zu einer solchen Innormalität verstimmte Lebenskraft kann dem Organismus die widrigen Empfindungen verleihen und ihn zu den regelwidrigen Thätigkeiten bestimmen, die wir Krankheit nennen...
Page 172 - Still further, if we separate from these 54 the 9 cases in which the treatment was eclectic, and in which the mortality seems to have arisen from the combination of acute disease, we have a remainder of 45 cases, of which only 2 were fatal. Again, if we compare the mortality of those cases in which opium was pushed to the full extent advised by writers on this disease, with those in which no active remedy was employed, we have a mortality of 1 in 2, against a mortality of only 1 in 29.
Page 45 - And whereas it is clearly of importance, that a just discrimination should be made between such as are duly educated and properly qualified for the duties of their profession, and those who may ignorantly and wickedly administer medicine, whereby the health and lives of many valuable individuals may be endangered, or perhaps lost to the community.
Page 2 - ... aforesaid, each and every such person so elected and appointed as aforesaid, shall be subject to a fine of One hundred pounds, to be recovered by the said candidate, and to his own use, in any court within this commonwealth proper to try the same. "And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the fellows of said society may, and shall forever be deemed capable in law, of having, holding and taking in fee simple or any less estate by...
Page 400 - Symptome seyn, durch welche die Krankheit die zu ihrer Hülfe geeignete Arznei fordert und auf dieselbe hinweisen kann — so muss die Gesammtheit dieser ihrer...
Page 31 - Congress, with leave to report by bill or otherwise," ask leave to report: — That they have attended to the duty assigned them...
Page 6 - ... from the distended state of the synovial membrane, and hence its figure depends, in great measure, on the situation of the ligaments and tendons, which resist it in certain directions, and allow it to take place in others. Thus, when the knee is affected, the swelling is principally observable on the anterior and lower part of the thigh, under the extensor muscles, where there is only a yielding cellular structure between these muscles and the bone. It is also considerable in the spaces between...
Page 402 - Kiechen und Einziehung des stets ausströmenden Arzneidunstes eines mit hoher Kraftentwickelung einer Arzneiflüssigkeit benetzten Streukügelchens, welches trocken in einem kleinen Fläschchen liegt, wirken die homöopathischen Mittel am sichersten und kräftigsten. Die Mündung des geöffneten Fläschchens lässt der homöopathische Arzt den Kranken erst in das eine Nasenloch halten und im Einathmen die Luft daraus in sich ziehen, und dann wohl auch so, wenn die Gabe...

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