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It's a bad sign when you can figure out the elevator pitch for a novel from the get-go.In this case, if it wasn't "The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games," it was pretty darn close. In a rigid, caste-based dystopian future, Illéa's Prince Maxon has come of age and needs to marry. One girl will be chosen by lottery from each province to travel to the Capital and live in the palace so the prince can ... Read full review

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Predictable plot, but nonetheless enjoyable. Great writing style, I was hooked and read the whole thing in a day. Interesting utopia, but the alternate reality is worked in very smoothly with the Bachelor-esque storyline. Definitely would suggest for a teenage girl.

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Absolutely amazing! A must read.

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I enjoyed this book.
Some of the characters, like Aspen, aren't very devolved--we don't see much of him in the beginning. Though it is pretty predictable, I still enjoyed the easy read. Ready for the next book! Hope to see more of the Illea's story as well.

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