A Voyage to New South Wales: Comprising an Interesting Narrative of the Transactions and Behaviour of the Convicts: the Progress of the Colony; an Official Register of the Crimes, Trials, Sentences and Executions that Have Taken Place ... (Google eBook)

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John Swain - New South Wales - 184 pages
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Page 13 - Sand from the beach, and ashes from their fires, all adhere to their filthy skin, which never comes off, except when accident or the want of food obliges them to go into the water. Some of the men wear a...
Page 14 - These marks, being generally white, gave the person, at a small distance, a most shocking appearance; for, npon the black skin the white marks were so very conspicuous, that they were exactly like so many moving skeletons. The colours they use are mostly red and white ; the first of which is a kind of ochre, or red earth, which is found here in considerable quantities ; the latter is a fine pipe-clay. The bodies of the men are much scarified, particularly their breasts and shoulders ; these scarifications...
Page 7 - ... persons. After receiving a double toll from the captain, it being the first time of the ship's crossing the line, consisting of half a gallon of liquor and two pounds of sugar, they in turn questioned every person on deck.
Page 33 - This operation had always been performed on the left haad, but this child was an exception, for it was the little finger on the right hand...
Page 41 - ... conception of boiling, for one. of the natives watching an opportunity when nobody was attending the kettle, plunged hie hand into the boiling water to take the fi'fti: of courfe he was terribly fcalded. i hey procure fire w:th great labour, by frxin...
Page 31 - ... and upper lip, were rubbed over with red ochre, on which, and under the eyes, were laid fpois of white- clay : the fmall of her back was likewife rubbed with.
Page 13 - ... like the hair of their heads. They all go entirely naked, men, women, and childrtn, and fecu to have no fixed place of refidencc, but lay down wherever ni¿ht overtakes them.
Page 39 - ... of white, drawn with pipe clay, and In different forms, according to the tafte of the nan himfelf, or to the lady who adoras him.
Page 13 - Their colour isa browniíh black of a coffee caft, but many of the women are rlmoft as light as a mulatto : now and then you may meet with...
Page 48 - Grecian fh.ipe, with features regulaaly beautiful and as fine a pair of eyes as can be imagined...

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