Beasts, Men and Gods

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Dutton, 1922 - Communism - 325 pages
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One of the best books I've ever read. It has travel experiences, notions of medicine, survival techniques, observation of flora and fauna of siberian and mongolian landscapes, diplomatic issues, in fact so many things that to really understand everything, it will be good to read it more than once! Also, I had the chance to visit Erdene Zuu monastery and Altai mountains while reading this book again and again. I tried to imagine how was mongolia 90 years ago. Awsome...  


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Page 269 - And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stone and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations, even the unclean things of her fornication, and upon her forehead a name written, Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of the harlots and of the abominations of the earth.
Page 269 - And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and -with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
Page 314 - ... wandering from one place to another. ... All the earth will be emptied. God will turn away from it and over it there will be only night and death. Then I shall send a people, now unknown, which shall tear out the weeds of madness and vice with a, strong hand, and I will lead those who still re= main faithful to the spirit of man in the fight against Evil. They will found a new life on the earth purified by the death of nations.
Page 313 - More and more people will forget their souls and care about their bodies. The greatest sin and corrup54 THE KING OF THE WORLD 55 tion will reign on earth. . . . The crowns of kings, great and small, will fall . . . one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. . . . There will be a terrible battle among all peoples. (The World War.) The seas will become red ... the earth and the bottom of the sea will be strewn with bones . . . kingdoms will be scattered . . . whole peoples will die ... hunger,...
Page 265 - Khan's successors are awakened. Nobody shall extinguish the fire in the heart of the Mongols ! In Asia there will be a great State from the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the shore of the Volga. The wise religion of Buddha shall run to the north and the west. It will be the victory of the spirit.
Page 223 - A small head on wide shoulders; blonde hair in disorder; a reddish bristling moustache; a skinny, exhausted face, like those on the old Byzantine ikons. Then everything else faded from view save a big, protruding forehead overhanging steely sharp eyes. These eyes were fixed upon me like those of an animal from a cave.
Page 265 - I see ... I see the God of War. . . . His life runs out . . . horribly. . . . After it a shadow . . . black like the night. . . . Shadow. . . . One hundred thirty steps remain. . . . Beyond darkness. . . . Nothing ... I see nothing. . . . The God of War has disappeared. . . ." Baron Ungern dropped his head. The woman fell over on her back with her arms stretched out. She had fainted, but it seemed to me that I noticed once a bright pupil of one of her eyes showing from under the closed lashes. Two...
Page 116 - He stood up, pushed back the sleeves of his yellow garment, seized his knife and strode across to the shepherd. "Michik, stand up!" he ordered. When the shepherd had risen, the Lama quickly unbuttoned his coat and bared the man's chest. I could not yet understand what was his intention, when suddenly the Tushegoun with all his force struck his knife into he chest of the shepherd. The Mongol fell all covered with blood, a splash of which I noticed on the yellow silk of the Lama's coat. "What have...
Page 117 - ... quiet sleep. As the Lama began to open his abdomen, I shut my eyes in fear and horror ; and, when I opened them a little while later, I was still more dumbfounded at seeing the shepherd with his coat still open and his breast normal, quietly sleeping on his side and Tushegoun Lama sitting peacefullly by the brazier, smoking his pipe and looking into the fire in deep thought. "It is wonderful!
Page 104 - When we arrived in that town, we were at once in the sea of political passions. The Mongols were protesting in great agitation against the Chinese policy in their country ; the Chinese raged and demanded from the Mongolians the payment of taxes for the full period since the autonomy of Mongolia had been forcibly extracted from Peking...

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