Rollo's vacation

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Sheldon, 1868
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Page 82 - They walked toward the house. "Rollo! Rollo! see there! " exclaimed Jonas, as they came in sight of the yard. Rollo looked up and saw the old white cow eating up his Jack-o'lantern. Rollo picked up a stick and ran after the cow, shouting out, " Wheh there! wheh! " as loud and fiercely as he could. The cow seized another large mouthful and ran off, shaking her horns and brandishing her tail. "The ugly old cow!
Page 123 - shall I tell you a true story, or one that is not true ? ' " ' I think, on the whole, Dorothy, I would rather have it true.' " But there must have been times — though none are recorded — when Rollo tired even of the admirable clear thinking and precise information of Jonas. At such times he might have tolerated a story that was not so very true, if only it were interesting. There are main thoroughfares paved with hard...
Page 86 - but somebody is to blame, and I can tell you who. If you stone anybody, you had better stone him. The person to blame is the boy that left the Jack-o'-lantern on the log, and thus let the cow get at it. "I think," added he, with a laugh, " that if my old schoolmaster had known of this case, he would have made a good story out of it to illustrate his two rules.
Page 81 - Then you have broken both of my old master's rules. You have left your work unfinished because you were tired of it, and you did not put away your playthings when you had done with them. Now let us go home.
Page 74 - I was tired; so I thought I would come and help you work and ask you to tell me a story." "I do not think of any story just now, but I can give you some advice." "Very well," said Rollo; "give me some advice.
Page 69 - said Rollo; "what is a Jack-o'-lantern ? " " Did you never see one ? " asked Jonas. "No," said Rollo; "what is it?" " Why, you take a pumpkin and scoop out all the inside ; then you cut eyes and nose and mouth in it. At night you put a candle inside and carry it out in the dark, and it makes a great grinning face of fire.
Page 77 - Why, yes," said Hollo; and he dragged the vine along. Then Jonas resumed his story. " The boy waited some time, with his elbows on his desk, looking around the schoolroom, and at last seemed to get over his vexation a little, and determined to try once more. So he laid the blotted piece away, with the others which he had spoiled, and took out a fresh piece of paper, which was the last he had, and began once more.
Page 62 - ROLLO'S VACATION. PART IV. 1. When Rollo found that Jonas was right, he yielded and said, "Well, then, please come and set me some sums." 2. " No, you must write your own sums. I must saw my wood. You may go and write three numbers on the top of your paper ; put six figures in each number." 3. " Shall I put them under each other?
Page 61 - Then it is because they have too hard sums to do, or else because they are careless. You must not mark down a single figure, Rollo, till you are sure it is the right one, arid then you won't make mistakes." Rollo could not object to this, but, after all, he thought he had rather have a slate ;
Page 62 - Yes," answered Rollo, handing him the paper, " Here, look and see if they are not all right," 9. " Oh, no," said Jonas, " I cannot look them over. You have done all three of them, have you ?" 10. " Yes,

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