Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin

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State Historical Society of Wisconsin., 1908 - Wisconsin

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Page 148 - On the third of November, we departed from the Sault, I and two others. Two Canoe-loads of Prouteouatamis wished to conduct me to their Country; not that they wished to receive instruction there, having no disposition for the Faith, but that I might curb some young Frenchmen, who, being among them for the purpose of trading, were threatening and maltreating them.
Page 38 - ... as a part of the public records, five years after the current use of the same, or sooner in the discretion of the head of the department. After such transference of said records or other material, copies therefrom shall on application of any citizen of Wisconsin interested therein, be made and certified by the secretary and superintendent of said State Historical Society, or his authorized representative in charge, which certification shall have all the force and effect as if made by the official...
Page 171 - ... here than in Canada. What contributed much to the amusement was the terror of some cabins of Indians who were then around the fort. When these poor people saw the fireworks in the air and the stars falling from heaven, women and children took to flight, and the most courageous of the men cried for mercy, and urgently asked that the astonishing play of this terrible medicine should be made to cease.
Page 147 - Those people had only five or six hatchets, which had no edge, and they used these, by turns, for cutting their wood ; they had hardly one knife or one bodkin to a Cabin, and cut their meat with the stones which they used for arrows; and they scaled their fish with mussel-shells.
Page 162 - ... at discretion to our people, who gave them no quarter. All were killed except the women and children, whose lives were spared, and one hundred men, who "had been tied, but escaped.
Page 162 - ... rendering you a detailed account of all the circumstances, Mr. De Vincennes has promised to forget nothing which has passed, in order to communicate it fully to you. The destruction of two Mascoutin and Ottagamie villages is one of the principal reasons which induces me to send this express canoe. It is God, who has suffered these two audacious nations to perish.
Page 189 - COE My father left his old home in Oneida County, New York, in June, 1839, a young man in his twenty-fourth year. The beauty and fertility of the Rock River valley, in Wisconsin, had been widely proclaimed by participants in the Black Hawk War and in the glowing reports of Government engineers. In fact, the latter declared it to be a very Canaan of promise. As a consequence, hundreds of young people, restless and ambitious, and very many older ones whom the panic of the late 30's had separated from...
Page 162 - All our allies returned to my fort with their slaves, having avoided it before, as they thought it was infective. Their amusement was to shoot four or five of them every day. The Hurons did not spare a single one of theirs.
Page 163 - According to the governor's report of 1714, all the savage nations were "dying of hunger in their cabins, not daring to leave them to go hunting on account of their well grounded fear that the Reynards will destroy them all, one after the other.
Page 291 - The coiled snake in the foreground and the boats in the middle distance; the rising sun; the forest tree felled by the ax and cut into logs, succeeded by, apparently, an apple tree laden with fruit; the Latin inscription "Meliorem lapsa locavit...

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