The Gun and Its Development

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Cassell, 1907 - Firearms - 786 pages

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Originally published in 1881, Greener's book covers all aspects of the firearms world at that time and this 8th edition has many updates. While much of the text focuses on shotguns, there is a great deal of other material in this massive tome, including coverage of gunpowder and explosived, pistols, rifles, target shooting, rifle clubs and much more of interest to the modern rifleman. Many great period advertisements at the end will make you wish for a time machine!
German Salazar
Phoenix, Arizona

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Page 4 - And he made in Jerusalem engines, invented by cunning men, to be on the towers and upon the bulwarks, to shoot arrows and great stones withal.
Page 54 - Out of the bowels of the harmless earth, Which many a good tall fellow had destroy'd So cowardly ; and, but for these vile guns, He would himself have been a soldier.
Page 459 - A bird shot on the ground with the first barrel is "No bird," but it may be shot on the ground with the second barrel, if it has been fired at with the first barrel while on the wing ; but if the shooter misses with the first and discharges his second barrel, it is to be accounted a lost bird, in case of not falling within bounds.
Page 457 - If the shooter advances to the mark and orders the trap to be pulled, and does not shoot at the bird, or his gun is not properly loaded, or does not go off, owing to his own negligence, that bird is to be scored lost.
Page 753 - He must perform his duties in such a way as to meet with the approval of the council. Under the manager system, the line of responsibility runs straight up from the bureau chiefs to the department heads to the manager to the council to the electorate.
Page 114 - Street, he made the most perfect gun I ever saw; and doubting whether such another could be got, I set my wits to work in order to simplify the invention. At last the plan ot a perforated nipple, and the detonating powder in the crown of a small cap, occurred to me.
Page 457 - The shooter's feet shall be behind the shooting mark until after his gun is discharged. If, in the opinion of the Referee, the shooter is baulked by any antagonist or looker-on, or by the trapper, whether by accident or otherwise, he may be allowed another bird. 8. The shooter, when he is at his mark ready to shoot, shall give the caution "Are you ready?" to the puller, and then call "Pull.
Page 458 - No scouting allowed on the Club premises, and no pigeon to be shot at in the shooting ground except by the shooter standing at his mark. Anyone infringing this rule will be fined 1. RULES FOR DOUBLE RISES. 1. In Double Shooting, when more than two traps are pulled, the shooter may call "No birds," and claim two more ; but if he shoots he must abide by the consequences.
Page 11 - Hyphasis, he might, doubtless, have made himself master of all the country round them ; but their cities he never could have taken, though he had led a thousand as brave as Achilles, or three thousand such as Ajax, to the assault ; for they come not out to the field to fight those who attack them, but these holy men, beloved by the gods, overthrew their enemies with tempests and thunderbolts shot from their walls.
Page 56 - Such rests received the name of swines, or Swedish feathers. The sword was too much for the early culveriner, for he had already too many encumbrances. Grose says that "he had, in addition to the unwieldy weapon itself, his coarse powder, for loading, in a flask ; his fine powder, for priming, in a touch-box ; his bullets in a leather bag, with strings to draw to get at them ; whilst in his hand were his musket-rest and his burning match.

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