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Oliver and Boyd, 1906 - Medicine
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Page 61 - LET US NOW PRAISE FAMOUS MEN, AND OUR FATHERS THAT BEgat us. The Lord hath wrought great glory by them through his great power from the beginning. Such as did bear rule in their kingdoms, men renowned for their power, giving counsel by their understanding, and declaring prophecies...
Page 22 - Where any person sustains any damage by reason of the exercise of any of the powers of this Act, in relation to any matter as to which he is not himself in default, full compensation shall be made to such person by the local authority exercising such powers...
Page 337 - ... if the evidence of the mother be corroborated in some material particular by other evidence to the satisfaction of the said Justices, they may adjudge the man to be the putative father of such bastard child...
Page 251 - At no time since the period immediately following the discovery of the law of conservation of energy has the outlook for the progress of physiology appeared brighter than at present. But in order to reap the full benefit of our opportunities, we must bear in mind that the fundamental problem of physiology is the determination of the constitution of living matter, and that in order to accomplish our task we must make adequate use of comparative physiology as well as physical chemistry. Pathology,...
Page 338 - ... other animals; a man may survey ten thousand people before he sees two faces perfectly alike ; and in an army of a hundred thousand men, every one may be known from another.
Page 219 - His conclusions are: 1. General paralysis is a disease directly due to poisoning by the toxins of bacteria whose point of attack is through the gastric and intestinal mucous membrane. 2. The poisoning is probably a mixed poisoning, but the bacillus coli is apparently one of the noxious organisms. 3- The result of treatment...
Page 416 - Where there is distension of the gall-bladder by an acute inflammatory process, with obstruction of the common duct by stone. 4. Where there is chronic induration of the head of the pancreas, with a stone in the common duct. 5. Where there is malignant disease of the common duct at any part of its course, or cancer of the head of the pancreas, and a chronic sclerosing cholecystitis.
Page 22 - ... local newspapers, and by handbills, and otherwise in such manner as they think sufficient, and this section shall come into operation at such time, not being less than one month after the first publication of such an advertisement as aforesaid, as the Corporation may fix.
Page 338 - I have always considered likeness as an argument of a child's being the son of a parent, and the rather as the distinction between individuals in the human species is more discernible than in other animals. A man may survey ten thousand people before he sees two faces perfectly alike, and in an army of a hundred thousand men every one may be known from another.
Page 222 - ... is enabled to maintain the struggle against these bacilli, notwithstanding an otherwise defective local and general power of resistance. The bacillus appears to be conveyed from individual to individual, as a rule, by contagion. There is ample warrant for the conclusion that if a mucosa is healthy the organism can neither multiply at the surface to any important extent nor invade the tissues. A preliminary weakening of the local and general defences is evidently necessary.

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