Compendium of Ancient Geography, Volume 1

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Page 381 - Castalian spring, might with this Paradise Of Eden strive; nor that Nyseian isle Girt with the river Triton, where old Cham, Whom Gentiles Ammon call and Libyan Jove, Hid Amalthea, and her florid son Young Bacchus, from his stepdame Rhea's eye; Nor where Abassin kings their issue guard, Mount Amara, though this by some supposed True Paradise, under the Ethiop line By Nilus...
Page 115 - Goths, they were foon, by degrees, to feize on the whole weftern empire ; nay to pour over the fertile coafts of Africa. The Vandali, whom Tacitus and Pliny found in the north of Germany, were to fight with Belifarius, in the plains of Nurnidia.
Page 430 - D'Anville thinks, that this last name may be derived from the Greek term signifying a fountain ; or, according to another opinion, it may refer to the founder of this city, whose name is said to have been Orrhoi, now retained, with some little corruption, in Orfah, or Urfah.^f * Pococke, vol.
Page 375 - Moslems under different leaders penetrated the defiles of these mountains, and made themselves masters of the Derbends, or mountain barriers. One of the most important, and which cost the greatest struggle, was a city or fortress called by the Persians, Der-bend; by the Turks, Demir-Capi, or the gate of Iron ; and by the Arabs, Bab-el-abwab, (the Gate of Gates.) It guards a defile between a promontory of Mount Caucasus and the Caspian sea.
Page 252 - Aurelian, fearing that he could not maintain the conquest of Trajan beyond the Ister, called Dacia, abandoned it, and retired with the troops and people, •which he placed on the hither side of the river, affecting to call his new province the Dacia of Aurelian. That which...
Page xiii - Occident.—* States formed in Europe, after the fall of the Roman Empire in the Weft, by M. D'Anville. 410. Paris, 1771. MD'Anville's character as a geographer is fo well efta•...
Page 318 - Parorcias ; denoting it in the Greek to be in the vicinity of mountains. In the subdivision of provinces that took place in the time of Constantine, we distinguish two Phrypias : one Pacatiana ; the other Saluta ris ; and Laodicea appears to have been metropolis in the first, anil bynnada in the second.
Page 137 - Japydes and the Dalmatians of Illyricum, the Roman arms had penetrated to the PANNONIANS. But it was reserved for Tiberius, who commanded in these countries, to reduce PANNONIA into a province.
Page i - THE modes of Time and Place mingle fo intimately with our perceptions of events, that the recording and defcriptive parts of Chronology and Geography have been called by an analogous metaphor the EYES of HISTORY. Without their illuftration, the hiftoric Mufe, that " miftrefs of life, and mefienger of antiquity...

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