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User Review  - AddictedToMorphemes - LibraryThing

Internal Affairs officer, Sophia Reilly, has been assigned to monitor Thomas "Veck" DelVecchio, Jr., a homicide detective and son of infamous and now imprisoned serial killer. When an apparent copycat ... Read full review

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User Review  - ThesePrettyWords - LibraryThing

What a roller coaster! From distrust to breaking rules to love to loss to grief...this book was riddled with emotional twists and turns. I loved most of it, though there was one scene that should have knocked me to my knees emotionally and just...didn't. Still, four stars. Read full review

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User Review  - mlsimmons - LibraryThing

I'll be honest, I read the first book and quit. After reading some of the reviews, I decided to go back and try the series again as audiobooks. I think each. Pom has been a little bit better than the ... Read full review

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User Review  - Jpress1206 - LibraryThing

I have enjoy each of these books in this series a little more with each one. Envy branches off with Detectives DelVechio and the fact that he was born with his evil and good side. Now comes the ... Read full review

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User Review  - Kassilem - LibraryThing

Hum. This third book in the fallen angel series is less interesting than the last two. The first, Crave, was by far my favorite. I like the books for Jim Heron. And he’s not featured as much in this ... Read full review

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User Review  - crazybatcow - LibraryThing

This series is not even close to the Black Dagger books by the same author - there is no angst or build-up here, no tension (sexual or otherwise) and not much suspense. A lot of the phrasing is the ... Read full review

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User Review  - TwilightBlue - LibraryThing

I love the plot of these books. A fallen angel both good and evil is in the war to end all wars - literally. He must save the souls at the crossroads of their lives in order for good to triumph over ... Read full review

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Envy is the third book in the Fallen Angels series by American author, J.R.Ward. After saving one and losing one, Jim Heron, the nominated saviour, with his two sidekick angels, Eddie and Adrian, has another soul to save. The action for this instalment starts in BDB Lover Unleashed, when Thomas DelVecchio Jnr (BDB Butch O’Neal’s replacement in CPD as De La Cruz’s partner) is introduced as a cop with unenviable parentage and an anger management problem. When he finds himself in the woods with critically injured serial-killer Kroner, a man he had intended to kill, he can’t remember what happened (thanks to a vampire memory wipe) so he imagines his evil self has taken over. After all, his father, Thomas DelVecchio Snr is a serial-killer on death row. But his call to 911 brings Internal Affairs cop, Sophia Reilly to the scene. The attraction is immediate, and once Veck is vindicated, they are thrown together as partners in Homicide. With Devina up to her usual tricks, the angels have their hands full, and Jim’s focus on Sissy Barten’s fate creates tension between him, Adrian and Eddie. Nor is life harmonious with the archangels, with Colin showing his argumentative side. This instalment has FBI impersonations, a visit to a prison, a hot scene interrupted by pizza, a shock death, a clever trick with mirrors and a gripping climax in a cave. Jim adds another trick to his arsenal; the banter between the characters is enjoyable and Ward sets up the characters for the next book in the series, Rapture. Another habit-forming series.  

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User Review  - TexasBookLover7 - LibraryThing

4.5 favorite of the series so far. Loved Veck Read full review

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User Review  - rubewrites - LibraryThing

my favorite of this series so far! Read full review

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