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Page 166 - Tables of Logarithms of all Numbers, from 1 to 101000, and of the Sines and Tangents to every Second of the Quadrant...
Page 166 - The Theory and Practice of finding the Longitude, at Sea or Land.
Page 41 - F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su...
Page 153 - Satellite being carefully observed in any Place according to mean Time, the Longitude from Greenwich is found immediately by taking the Difference of the Observation from the corresponding Time shown in the Ephemeris, which must be turned into Degrees, &c. by...
Page 151 - Chair proposed for this purpose, but could not derive any advantage from the Use of it; and, considering the great power requisite in a Telescope for making these Observations well, and the Violence as well as Irregularities of the Motion of a Ship, I am afraid the complete Management of a Telescope on Shipboard will always remain among the Desiderata.
Page 149 - Correction, which added to, or subtracted from the apparent Time (according to its Title at the Top of the Column) gives equated or mean Time, or that which should be shown by a good Clock or Watch.
Page 153 - To know if an Eclipfe will be vifible in any place, find whether Jupiter be 8° above the Hori2on of the Place, and the Sim as much below it.
Page 152 - Emeriion of the three firft Satellites ; and Ten Minutes before that of the fourth Satellite ; but if the Longitude of the Place is very uncertain, he muft begin to look out for the Eclipfe proportionably...

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