Mair's Introduction to Latin Syntax: From the Edinburgh Stereotype Edition

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Collins & Hannay, Collins & Company, and White, Gallaher & White, 1830 - Latin language - 248 pages

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Page 165 - ... to offer human sacrifices, and eat dogs' flesh ; and were commanded to burn the bodies of the dead, rather than bury them in the earth ; begging, at the same time, assistance against Greece, upon which Darius was about to make war. Before this engagement at sea, Xerxes had sent four thousand armed men to Delphi, to plunder the temple of Apollo, as if he carried on the war, not with the Greeks only, but also with the immortal gods ; which detachment was all destroyed with rains and thunder, that...
Page 173 - Industry is up with the sun, she awaketh at the crowing of the cock, and walketh abroad to taste the sweetness of the morning. "She is ruddy as the daughter of health; her ears are delighted with the music of the shrill lark. " Her garment sweepeth the dewdrop from the new stubble and the green grass, and her path is by the murmuring of the purling brook. " Her appetite is keen ; her blood is pure and temperate, and her pulse...
Page 200 - ... all the faults of an eminent poet, made a present of them to Apollo, who received them very graciously, and resolved to make the author a suitable return for the trouble he had been at in collecting them. In order to this, he set before him a sack of wheat, as it had been just threshed out of the sheaf.
Page 133 - Wisdom in the government of the world, and a discovering of the secret and amazing steps of Providence, from the beginning to the end of time. Nothing seems to be an entertainment more adapted to the nature of man, if we consider that curiosity is one of the strongest and most lasting appetites...
Page 159 - The name of a town (91) where any thing is or is done, if of the first or second declension, and singular number, is put in the genitive ! otherwise, in the ablative ; eg, 1.
Page 26 - SUBSTANTIVE verbs, verbs of naming and gesture have a nominative both before and after them, belonging to the same thing ; as, NOTE 2.
Page 139 - The gerund in DO of the dative case is governed by adjectives signifying usefulness or fitness ; as, Charta utllis scribendo, Paper useful for writing.
Page 30 - If no nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative will be the nominative to the verb.
Page 30 - But if a nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative shall be of that case which the verb or...
Page 169 - This monster often satisfied his eyes, with the tortures of the wretches who were put to death before him ; and in the days of Suetonius, the rock was still shown from which he ordered such as displeased him to be thrown headlong. He died in the seventy-eighth year of his age, and twenty-third of his reign. 37 AC 6. At this time the Romans were arrived at the highest pitch of effeminacy and vice. The wealth of almost every nation in the empire, having long circulated through the city, brought with...

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