A familiar explanation of the higher parts of arithmetic

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Page 100 - Then multiply the second and third terms together, and divide the product by the first term: the quotient will be the fourth term, or answer.
Page 149 - All numbers between 1000 or 103, and 1000000 or 1003, will have two figures in their root. And generally, if we divide a cube into periods of three figures each, by placing a point over units, and one over every third figure from units, the number of points will show the number of figures in the root. EXAMPLES FOR THE BOARD. In order properly to understand the principles of the cube root, the student should be provided with the following blocks : 1. A cubical block, each side measuring 3 inches,...
Page 1 - prime number? composite number ? even number? odd number? 3. One number is a. Multiple of another when it can be divided by it without a remainder. Thus 8 is a multiple of 2; 15 of 5; 33 of 11. 4. A number is a Common Multiple of two or more numbers when it can be divided by each of them without a remainder. Thus, 15 is a common multiple of 3 and 5 ; 16 of 2, 4 and 8 ; 28 of 4 and 7 ; 54 of 2, 3, 6, 9, 18 and 27. 5. An Aliquot. or even part, is any number which is contained in another number exactly...
Page 77 - ... as many figures 9 as there are figures in the period, followed by as many ciphers as there are figures in the non-recurring part.
Page 156 - If a point be placed over every second figure in any integral number, beginning with the units' place, the number of points will show the number of figures in the square root.
Page 145 - ... surfaces and solids occurs.* Ex. I. Find the number of acres in a rectangular field, of which the length is 35 chains 72 links, and the breadth 24 chains 8 links.
Page 116 - Divide 1065 into parts which shall be to each other in the ratio of 3, 5, 7 ; and also into parts which shall be in the ratio of...
Page 114 - A field of grass is rented by two persons for 27 : the former keeps in it 15 oxen for 10 days and the latter 21 oxen for 7 days; find the rent paid by each.
Page 109 - ... the Present worth of the 105 ; the 5 which my friend abates, is called the Discount ; and, like Interest, it is calculated at a per centage. Properly speaking the Present worth is that sum which, if put to interest at the given rate and for the given time, would amount to the sum due. 100 put to interest for a year, at 5 per cent., will amount to 105 ; therefore 100 is the true present worth of 105 due 1 year hence at 5 per cent.
Page 103 - I wish to know how mnch may be spent in 73 days, I must ascertain how much is spent in one year : I therefore subtract the 50 guineas, which are saved, from the whole income of 450 : the remainder is 397 10s., and the question now becomes — ' If in 365 days I spend 397 10s., how much may I spend in 73 days...

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