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This has been very helpful and informative for me as I further my studies in Social Work

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Awesome book with some great information on Mental Disorders! Highly Recommended!

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This e-book has a couple of navigation problems, making it hard to find particular information. APA did not include the chapter titles in the table of contents, just roman numerals.
Also, to use
"search" functions on iPad, one must use the "Flowing Text" format. Search function does not work in "Scanned pages" format. Search works fine on MacBook. The sliding, page number scale at the bottom of the page is very imprecise. Not loving the e-book version.
Google support department was helpful in figuring out what was happening. They just cannot fix it.

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I like this book. Because I am a student of M.A. (Psychology) & it is vary useful to us.

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Quiet Simply The DSM Is A Book Of Fiction
The biggest crock of horse shit I've ever heard in my life. Those psychiatrists can't prove that any one of those so called mental illness even exist. They
get away with it because nobody questions their opinions and faced with stringent inquiry they admit there isn't any proof or evidence of any so called mental illness But hay, here have some mind altering drugs anyway. They are the devils disciples, no more and no less.
Their motto is, "It's a mental illness if we say it's a mental illness"
The fucking morons. War needs to be declared on the whole system of psychiatry. Stop Governments funding them and also prevent the pharmaceutical company's pulling their strings and matching a so called illness to the next new addictive mind altering drug.
It's all one big scam which destroys mind, body and soul, not to mention family's and friends, and we will not even mention the victims of those who goes off their rocker on "(M)"ind "(A)"ltering "(D)"rugs (MAD) and blow people away with guns in schools and restaurants etc.. etc..
Yes they are dealers in Death, and if you have even only half a brain cell left working you better believe that, and if you don't well they are always looking for bigger idiots & morons then themselves.
They are just an arm of the law and used by governments for the porpose of social control and not for the benefit of people who may have psychological and emotional problems from their past.
And I have enough evidence to prove what I'm saying.

Review: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR

User Review  - Katherine Schoolland - Goodreads

Yes I read the entire thing. Important material on diagnosis. Read full review

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