History of the Work of Connecticut Women at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

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Hartford Press, 1898 - Connecticut - 171 pages

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Page 56 - Ay, now am I in Arden ; the more fool I : when I was at home, I was in a better place : but travellers must be content.
Page 7 - And for everything in the heavens above and the earth beneath and the waters under the earth she "had a sign.
Page 154 - There be three things which make a nation great and prosperous : a fertile soil, busy workshops, and easy conveyance for men and goods from place to place.
Page 92 - ... names, filling the volumes. There are 562,448 names of women of every rank of life, from the nearest in rank to the throne of England to the wives and daughters of the humblest artisan and laborer. Among all who signed, it is fair to presume there was not one who had not read the book, and did not, at the time of signing, feel a sympathy for the cause of the oppressed people whose wrongs formed its subject.
Page 6 - They love their land, because it is their own, And scorn to give aught other reason why ; Would shake hands with a king upon his throne, And think it kindness to his majesty; A stubborn race, fearing and flattering none.
Page 92 - On the 3d of January, 1867, she voluntarily liberated all her slaves, men, women, and children, one hundred and thirty in all, saying, * I am wishful to be good like Harriet Beecher Stowe, and never again to buy human bodies, but only to let them go free once more.
Page 155 - Mr. President, this vast audience has not assembled to hear me ; and there is but one man, in my opinion, who can assemble such an audience. They expect to hear him, and I feel it to be my duty, as well as my pleasure, to give the floor therefore to the Senator from Massachusetts.
Page 92 - The demand for signatures went as far forth as the city of Jerusalem. When all the signatures were collected, the document was forwarded to the care of Mrs. Stowe in America, with a letter from Lord Carlisle, recommending it to her, to be presented to the ladies of America in such way as she should see fit. It was exhibited first at the Boston Anti-siavery Fair, and now remains in its solid oak case, a lasting monument of the feeling called forth by
Page 56 - Sir, — Nathan Palmer, a lieutenant in your king's service, was taken in my camp as a spy — he was tried as a spy — he was condemned as a spy — and you may rest assured, sir, he shall be hanged as a spy. " I have the honor to be, &c., "ISRAEL PUTNAM. "His Excellency Governor Tryon. "PS Afternoon. He is hanged.
Page 92 - Gangooly, the first and only individual of his caste who has visited this country. Being highly intelligent and familiar with the social and intellectual character of the Hindoos of his native land, he gave me much information for which, in my scanty knowledge of that country, I was unprepared. Among other things he assured me that " Uncle Tom's Cabin " was a book as well known and as much read in Bengal among his own people as here in America, that it had been translated into their language, and...

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