A Complete Record of the John Olin Family: The First of that Name who Came to America in the Year A.D. 1678. Containing an Account of Their Settlement and Genealogy Up to the Present Time--1893

Front Cover
Baker-Randolph Company, printers, 1893 - Wales - 228 pages

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Page 72 - We whose names are underwritten do here solemnly, in the presence of JEHOVAH, incorporate ourselves into a body politic, and as he shall help, will submit our persons, lives, and estates, unto our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, and to all those perfect and most absolute laws of his, given us in his holy word of truth to be guided and judged thereby."—Exod.
Page xlv - Ho! the car emancipation, Rides majestic through the nation, Bearing on its train the story, Liberty! a nation's glory.
Page lxv - Whereas large standing armies, military occupation, martial law, military tribunals, and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus and the right of trial by jury...
Page xlvi - The bell and whistle and the steaming, Startle thousands from their dreaming. Look out for the cars, while the bell rings! Ere the sound your funeral knell rings. See the people run to meet us; At the depots thousands greet us; All take seats with exultation, In the Car Emancipation. HUZZA! HUZZA! Emancipation Soon will bless our happy nation. HUZZA! HUZZA!
Page 74 - We might as well revile our ancestors for the use of the handloom, since modern science has introduced self-moving machinery, as to denounce them for not acting upon principles, which, in their day, were unrecognized in civil polity. They founded a colony for their own faith without any idea of tolerating others. For doing this, they have been charged with bigotry, fanaticism and folly. Every epithet has been applied to them that can be employed to express detestation of the conduct of men acting...
Page lxiii - That the writ of habeas corpus is the great defense of freedom, and that we demand for this prisoner, as well as for our own protection, that this sacred writ shall be obeyed. That we pledge ourselves to stand by this prisoner, and do our utmost to secure for him a fair and impartial trial by jury.
Page xv - Oh, he is not the man for me, Who buys or sells a slave, Nor he who will not set him free, But sends him to his grave ; But he whose noble heart beats warm For all men's lives and liberty ; Who loves alike each human form, Oh that's the man for me. " He's not at all the man for me Who sells a man for gain, Who bends the pliant servile knee, To slavery's god of shame ! But he whose god-like form erect Proclaims that all alike are free To think, and speak, and vote and act, Oh that's the man for me....
Page 7 - Jehovah, to incorporate ourselves into a body politic ; and as he shall help us, will submit our persons, lives, and estates unto the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, and to all those most perfect laws of his, given us in his most holy word of truth, to be guided and judged thereby.
Page 54 - ... appointments on Sunday, and close the exercises for him. It was not long before Glenn's preaching paled in the presence of Olin's glowing exhortations ; and, as soon as the disciplinary order of the Church allowed, Glenn exchanged places with his friend. Never, in the memory of the oldest Methodists, had so powerful a preacher burst with so sudden a splendor and tremendous an effect upon the Church.
Page 188 - No distractions of mind, no foreboding terrors of conscience agitated this attractive scene. His chamber was " privileged beyond the common walks of virtuous life — quite in the verge of heaven" — and he expired like a wave scarcely curling to the evening zephyr of an unclouded summer sky, and gently rippling to the shore. It was a " DEPARTURE" — a

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