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Page 30 - Fort Montgomery," excepting such lots as may be selected for the use of the general government by the senior officers of the army and navy now there; provided the said ground hereby ceded shall be divided into lots, and sold by public auction to the highest bidder, after three months' notice previously given ; the proceeds of said sale to be for the benefit of the town of San Francisco.
Page 47 - The definitive grant asked for being made, a document signed by the governor shall be given, to serve as a title to the party interested, wherein it must be stated that said grant is made in exact conformity with the provisions of the laws, in virtue whereof possession shall be given.
Page 11 - And not only was this general revolution of the establishments thus early contemplated and provided for, but mean time the governor had authority to reduce their possessions by grants within and without, and to change their condition by detail. The same series of instructions authorized the governor to grant lands, either in community or individually, to the Indians of the missions, in and about their settlements on the mission lands; and also to make grants to settlements of white persons. The governor...
Page 44 - Art. 29. Every individual shall be free to leave the empire, and can alienate the lands over which he may have acquired the right of property, agreeably to the tenor of this law, and he can likewise take away from the country all his property, by paying the duties established by law.
Page 17 - Governor and the prelate of the.rm'ssions," directed the following named missions to be restored to the priests "as tutors to the Indians, and in the same manner as they formerly held them," namely: the missions of San Diego, San Luis Rey, San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, San Fernando, San Buenaventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynes, La Purisima, San Antonio, Santa Clara, and San Jose. The same act set forth, that, " as policy made irrevocable what was already done...
Page 5 - first inception" of the claim, pursuant to the regulations, and as practised in California, was a petition to the Governor, praying for the grant specifying usually the quantity of land asked, and designating its position, with some descriptive object or boundary, and also stating the age, country, and vocation of the petitioner. Sometimes, also, (generally at the commencement of this system.) a rude map or plan of the required grant, showing its shape, and position with reference to other tracts,...
Page 38 - ... evidence of completeness, have the same equity as those which are perfect, and were and would have been equally respected under the government which has passed away.
Page 47 - The spaces which may remain between the colonized lands may be distributed among the adjoining proprietors who shall have cultivated theirs with the most application, and have not received the whole extent of land allowed by the law, or to the children of said proprietors who may ask for them to combine the possessions of their families ; but on this subject particular attention must be paid to the morality and industry of the parties.
Page 43 - At the end of twenty years the proprietor of the lands, acquired in virtue of the foregoing article, must alienate two thirds part of said lands, either by sale, donation, or in any other manner he pleases. The law authorizes him to hold in full property and dominion one third part. " Art. 21. The two foregoing articles are to be understood as governing the contracts made within six months, as after that time, counting from the day of the promulgation of this law, the executive can diminish the premium...
Page 47 - The reunion of many families into one town shall follow, in its formation, interior government and policy, the rules established by the existing laws for the other towns of the republic, special care being taken that the new ones are built with all possible regularity. " 14th. The minimum of irrigable land...

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