The Complete Modern Blacksmith

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Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony, Mar 7, 2012 - Crafts & Hobbies - 304 pages
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Teach yourself the lost arts of blacksmithing, tool design, and tool repair.
Design, forge, and fix your own tools, hardware, and household accessories with master craftsman and teacher Alexander G. Weygers. The Complete Modern Blacksmith contains clear, step-by-step instructions and hundreds of the author’s own detailed drawings, bringing scores of time-honored techniques to modern artisans – experienced craftsmen and beginners alike.
This unique resource brings together three popular but long-out-of-print classics:

• The Modern Blacksmith, which covers everything from developing the correct hammer and body motions for forging and creating tools such as pliers, shovels, and hinges.
• The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools, which stresses the reuse of old materials, featuring easy-to-follow processes.
• The Making of Tools, which explores how to design, sharpen, and temper whichever tool you need, using only basic shop equipment and scrap steel.
A truly invaluable resource, The Complete Modern Blacksmith is an essential volume in any craftman's library.

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excellent book for startup blacksmithing. detailed tempering techniques and many projects to do. Read full review


1 A Beginners Workshop
2 Tempering Steel
A Screw Driver
4 Making a Cold Chisel and Other Simple Tools
5 Making Stonecarving Tools
6 Sharpening Tools
7 Making Carpenters Chisels
20 Wrenches
21 Accessory Forging Tools
22 Woodcarving Gouges
23 Forging a Pair of Pliers
24 Making a Fireplace Shovel
25 Making a Small Anvil from a Railroad Rail
26 The Power Hammer

8 Making Cutting Tools
9 Making Eyebolts and Hooks
10 Making Tool Handles
11 Making Hammers
12 Making Sculptors Woodcarving Gouges
13 Making a Seating Cutter and Hinge Joints
14 Making Tinsnips
15 Making Wire and Nail Cutters
16 Making Large Shears
17 Making Pliers
18 Applying Color Patina to Steel Surfaces
1 The Blacksmith Shop and its Equipment
2 Hammer and Body Motions in Forging
3 First Blacksmithing Exercises
4 Upsetting Steel
5 Upsetting with the Aid of an Upsetting Matrix
6 How To Temper and Harden HighCarbon Steel
7 Making a RightAngle Bend
8 Some Tools that are Simple to Forge and Temper
Rosettes and Wallhooks
10 Hinges
11 HoldDown Tools
12 A Fireplace Poker
13 Fire Place Tongs
14 A Spatula Made From a Section of Coil Spring
15 A Door Latch
16 Making an Offset Bend in a Bar
17 Blacksmiths Tongs
18 Making Milling Cutters Augers and Drills
19 Stonecarving Tools
1 How to Repair Broken Garden Tools
2 Making a Charcoal Brazier and Screening Scoop
3 A Candlestick
4 Making Tool Handle Ferrules and Shoulders
5 A Pump to Recycle Waste Water
6 How to Make a WoodTurning Lathe and Lathe Tools
7 Tempering HighCarbon Steel
8 Making CarbonTipped Tools for Wood and MetalTurning Lathes
9 How to Drill Square Holes
10 Making HandHeld Punches
11 Christmas Tree Candle Holders and Decorations
12 Making Design Layouts for Punches
13 How to Make Miniature Chisels and Punches
14 A Punch to Cut Small Washers from a Metal Strip
15 Makeshift Bearings
16 Making Accessory Tools for the WoodTurning Lathe
17 WireStraightening Tools
18 Flat Filing and Drilling
19 Files Rasps and Grindstones
20 The Reverse Lathe
21 How to Recycle and Operate a MetalTurning Lathe
22 The TripHammer and Its Use
23 Making a Pair of Insets to Forge a Gouge Blade
24 Making TripHammer Insets From Trolley Rail
25 TripHammer Upsetting
26 Insets Made from Car Axle Flange Endings
27 Sharpening Tool Edges
Hints on Using Power Tools and Other Admonitions

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