Complete Book of the Zodiac

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Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 1999 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 304 pages
Gain greater insight into yourself with the help of an internationally renowned astrologer. Here are the tools you need to understand yourself better, find your ideal partner, reach your true potential, enjoy happy and satisfying relationships, and even predict the future! Try this easy-to-use guide that includes comprehensive charts to enable you to quickly identify astrological information needed to get started. As you journey through the fascinating world of astrological knowledge you will: * examine the secrets of your Sun sign--the Zodiac sign that you are accustomed to checking in the newspaper--including what it says about your outlook on home, clothes, cars, food, money, career, and love * investigate the hidden side of your personality by seeing how the magic of your Moon sign makes you different from the other people with whom you share your Sun sign * plot a personal horoscope on your own "Wheel of Destiny" and use it to evaluate your love life and to predict the future * evaluate the astro-compatibility between yourself and your partner by testing your romantic rapport, emotional balance, physical attraction, and sexual compatibility * once you've discovered the remarkable insights astrology offers, you'll enjoy delving into your own personality as well as those of the people close to you. But be forewarned, you may be surprised by what you uncover! Internationally renowned astrologer Jonathan Cainer is the resident astrologer for numerous publications in Great Britain, Australia, and the United States where he writes for the magazine First for Women.

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Astrologers need to lay off the whole "Leos can be pussycats" nonsense.
Why not also say that Aries can be like meek lambs, or that Scorpios can be powerless spiders? Taurus can be docile cows and
Capricorns can be heedless billy goats. But if they don't mention any of that, why the heck do these people insist on trying to portray the ONLY natural predator of the Western Zodiac as some "fluffy pussycat?!!"
Leo is the mighty LION of the Zodiac. Portray him as the powerful, dominant, courageous, feral fighter he is instead of trying to tame him into the little show kitty you people want him to be.
If a lion can be "lazy," then remember also that a swipe of its paw can break the back of an ox and male lions might not do most of the hunting (which is left to the lionesses) but they DO fight other male lions and other threats to the pride all the time to the extent that their injuries usually don't let them live past 10 to 13 years (they can live up to 20 years in captivity). So that just goes to show how much raw activity, physicality, and strength these lions and thus Leos actually have. That should never be underestimated or questioned.

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This book needs more of a preview in Google, but overall I find it wonderful. It's definitely a book for my shelves at home~

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