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Excelent Read

User Review  - paperwallflower -

I loved reading this book. When I was finished I felt like the story had come full circle and that it had a cohesive storyline. At first I thought I would be confused by all the jumping around but ... Read full review

the time travelers wife

User Review  - myatt26 -

i ordered this book & within 3 days i had it. service was wonderful. book was a good read. different that the usual but wonderfully surprising. i would recommend it. Read full review

Time Travelers Wife

User Review  - kababb -

I found the book to be confusing and crass. The comtent and inuendos are misplaced and unnecessary. I wanted to read the book because it sounded like a lovely romantic fantasy. What I found instead was a confusing at times disturbing novel that has a weak storyline and thin characters. Read full review

Engagingly great

User Review  - rider98 -

This book is a wonderful escape into the future and into the past and all the while weaving a wonderful love story. Ive read it several times and each time I enjoy it like the first time. Read full review

the time travelers wife

User Review  - kreawoman -

only one word excellent make that more than one word a book you cant put down. The characters are all full of personality and you will get the feeling they are all your friends. . . enjoy you wont regret this read. Read full review

I loved this book!

User Review  - bioluminescence -

I read this book when it first came out in mid 2004 and was deeply touched by it. I fell in love with the characters and their amazing journey through and against time. The author tells an amazing ... Read full review

O...treacherous time...

User Review  -

After closing the book and allowing the imagery to settle I find its surely striked a chord. *sigh*This book is different from what Im used to but that doesnt lessen its greatness whatsoever. The plot ... Read full review

great book

User Review  - mariag123 -

nice easy reading. Highly recommend. Read full review

The Time Travelers Wife

User Review  - justme2950 -

Still reading the book. Although it is good so far the jumping about takes some getting used to. Read full review

Loved It

User Review  - hwilmarth -

Loved this book so much and now I cant wait to see the movie. It is at a great price too! Read full review

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