The Thompson Yates Laboratories Report. v. 3, Volume 3, Part 1

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University of Liverpool, 1900
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Page 72 - ... this is owing to the absence of the oxygen, which is necessary in order to enable the protoplasm of the cells to take up the sulphur. Its presence, therefore, indicates an oxygenated sewage polluted water, and it is in this class of water in which we have ourselves always found it. Zooglea Masses. " In crude undiluted sewage a skin-like growth may form at the sides of the conduit in contact with the air, or at those points where crude sewage passes over a
Page 120 - To avoid fine, this book should be returned on or before the date last stamped below. Photomount Pamphlet Binder Gaylord Bros., Inc.
Page 75 - ... after the consecration of their Bishops, will be as strongly recognized, the Bishop of New York being the Primate, and the head of the whole Province. Such a plan would obviate many of the objections now made against the division of the Diocese, into the details of which it is not now neces•sary to enter. In the settlement of these and similar matters, now pressing upon our own branch of the Church with the full force of necessity, the example of the Early Church, when acting according to its...
Page 77 - Department proposes also to undertake an enquiry, at an early date, with a view to obtaining information as to the extent to which systems of apprenticeship at present prevail in each of the principal industries, the sources from which apprentices are obtained, the conditions of service of apprentices (commencing age, premium, length of apprenticeship, rates of pay, etc.). and the arrangements made for their training. No comprehensive...
Page 76 - ... preservatives in milk as absolutely indefensible, and points out that the experiments of the bacteriological department of the Thompson-Yates laboratories are sufficient in themselves to establish the dangers of this practice, even if they stood alone. According to this author, there are numerous cases of injury resulting from the use of milk so preserved. He is therefore of the opinion that cleanliness and cold alone should be relied upon to insure the preservation of milk. Vaughan and Veenboer...

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