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very very good

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This book hurt to read as I realized while everyone lives their lives, I waste mine...

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You guys are all idiots this book sucks. I'm in IB and I spent countless hours of class time reading about a character who lives his life while I waste mine learning about the different ways Kazantakis portrays the meaning of life... >:l you guys suck.

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What to say? This is something of a rewrite of Narcissus and Goldman with a Greek twist. Still, I loved it.

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if this is legible somewhere on an illuminated screen;And,your reading this,then allow me to take the liberty of saying "You must at least give this book 20 pages until you decide its not for you.I almost put it down too soon out of ignorance and the affect of reading all the star treck books at once at that time of my reading Nikos Kazantzakis as a divorce from dime store sci fi novels'.This one is the fictional full length novel of the somewhat trite but not often used comment made throughout the new age movement of the 20th century,To wit:"free your ass and your mind will follow".I believe it is worth while reading an essay by an Indian literature professor who ,after being a phd in comparative literature he became a Noted oddball guru,OSHO.His chapter entitled "you can't be a BOODDA before you become a zorba".I can't speak about his guru logic but I can say this is a brilliant chapter of "comparative literature" and a 'sine quo non" if you want to understand the true depth of the book as fast as you can access this "life changing" read.10 stars for " Zorba the Greek".  

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