Wireless Telegraphy: Its Origins, Development, Inventions, and Apparatus

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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1903 - Telegraph, Wireless - 229 pages
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Page 236 - WEYMOUTH, F. MARTEN. Drum Armatures and Commutators. (Theory and Practice.) A complete treatise on the theory and construction of drumwinding, and of commutators for closed-coil armatures, together with a full resume^ of some of the principal points involved in their design, and an exposition of armature reactions and sparking.
Page 232 - GUY, ARTHUR F. Electric Light and Power, giving the result of practical experience in Central-Station Work. 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. $2.50.
Page 231 - ARNOLD, E. Armature Windings of Direct-Current Dynamos. Extension and Application of a general Winding Rule. Translated from the original German by Francis B. DeGress. Illustrated. 8vo cloth, 124 pp $2.00 ASHE, SW Electricity Experimentally and Practically Applied. 422 illustrations. 12mo., cloth, 375 pp Net, $2.00 ASHE, SW, and KEILEY, JD Electric Railways Theoretically and Practically Treated.
Page 232 - CARTER, ET Motive Power and Gearing for Electrical Machinery. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of the Mechanical Equipment of Power Stations for Electric supply and for Electric Traction.
Page 231 - Elements of Electric Lighting, including Electric Generation, Measurement, Storage, and Distribution. Tenth Edition, fully revised and new matter added. Illustrated. 12mo., cloth, 280 pp $1 .50 Power Transmitted by Electricity and Applied by the Electric Motor, including Electric Railway Construction.
Page 234 - GASTON. The Storage of Electrical Energy, and Researches in the Effects created by Currents, combining Quantity with High Tension. Translated from the French by Paul B. El'well. 89 illustrations. 8vo $1.00 PL ATTNER.
Page 235 - Illustrated. 16mo., cloth, 214 pp. (No. 66 Van Nostrand's Science Series.) 50 cents Recent Progress in Dynamo-Electric Machines. Being, a Supplement to "Dynamo-Electric Machinery.
Page 234 - GS The Galvanic Circuit Investigated Mathematically. Berlin, 1827. Translated by William Francis. With Preface and Notes by the Editor, Thos. D. Lockwood. Second Edition. Illustrated. 16mo., cloth, 269 pp.
Page 235 - H. Magneto-Electric and DynamoElectric Machines : their Construction and Practical Application to Electric Lighting, and the Transmission of Power. Translated from the third German edition by NS Keith and Percy Neymann, Ph.D. With very large additions and notes relating to American Machines, by NS Keith. Vol.

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