Letters, ed. with notes by J.E.B. Mayor

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Page 87 - There is no other belief, neither hope;" and when the lord keeper asked him whether he would have the absolution, he answered — " As it is practised in the English Church, I ever approved it ; but, in the dark way of the Church of Rome, I do defy it.
Page 60 - Lord) to offer my prayers at newe Aulters. If I were guiltye of any unworthye unfaithfulnes for the time past, or not guiltye of a resolution to doe your Grace all service for the time to com, all considerations under Heaven could not force me to begge it so earnestlye, or to professe my selfe as I doe before God and you Your Grace his most humble affectionate and devoted servaunt jo: LINCOLN.
Page 59 - The occasion of this and the loss of his lord keeper's place was (besides some things that passed at the last sitting of parliament) a plain piece of counsel his lordship gave my lord Duke at Salisbury ; namely, that being as then general, both by sea and land, he should either go in person, or stay the fleet at home, or else give over his office of admiralty to some other.
Page 87 - To Jos. Mead, Lond. 19 Jan. 162f (ibid. 185) : " my lord of Lincoln [is like to be] bishop of Durham." To the same, Lond. 9 Mar. 162f (ibid. 203) : " The bishop of Lincoln... is forbidden to preach his turn at Whitehall, and is therefore gone back into Lincolnshire.
Page 74 - Schools, where was kept the latter act of the bachelors' commencement, . . Mr. Richard Salstonstall, a fellow-commoner of Jesus College, being senior brother." — Autobiography of Sir S. D'Ewes, i. 139, 140. See also, as to the appointment of bachelors or senior sophisters to moderate, Autobiography of Matt. Robinson, 23. See Stat.
Page 76 - O nuncle, court holy water in a dry house is better than this rain-water out o
Page 55 - Aclmiralls (in time of action) either to be imployed abroad personallye, or to live at home in that ignominye and shame, as your Grace will never endure to doe. I will trouble your Grace with a tale of Dante, the first Italian poet of note, who beinge a great and wealthy man in Florence, and demaunded his opinion who should be sent Embassador to the Pope, made this answer, that he knew not who. Si jo w chi sta, si jo sto chi va. " If I goe, I knowe not who shall staye at home; if I staye, I knowe...
Page 10 - I hope by this time your wor. hath received two letters, answeringe in effecte those doubles propounded in your letter, wch. I receiv'de by this bearer. Since my last ill newes, there hath happen'd here noe occurrence worthe the relatinge ; our feare is noe lesse, and the daunger noe more then it was at firste. Sithence your son's goinge into the countrey (wch. was at this daye se'nighte.) I have heard in a letter from my curate of his well doinge, his abode beinge within a mile of my poore benefice....
Page 88 - Lincoln, much commended for what he spoke on behalf of the subject, acknowledging he had once offended in the days of his late master, in standing for the prerogative to the prejudice of the subjects' liberties; for which he now desired forgiveness, professing that henceforward neither hope of greater preferments, nor fear of the loss of what he presently enjoyed, should make him do or speak against his conscience. The...
Page 47 - Virum sanguineum, or a man of blood, primate and patriarke of all his Church, is a thinge that sounds very harshe in the old Councells and Canons of the Church. The Papists will not spare to descant upon the one and the other. I leave the knott to his M"M. deepe wisdom to advise and resolve upon.

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