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Macmillan & Company, 1881 - Bibliomania - 184 pages
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Page 130 - Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view, That stand upon the threshold of the new," sings Waller; and it is almost possible to believe for a moment that their creator was (as he said) " under the direction of messengers from Heaven.
Page 124 - worthies," its "prospects" and "landskips,' its phenomenal monsters and its " curious antiques." But, despite the couplet in the " Dunciad " respecting books where " .... the pictures for the page atone, And Quarles is saved by beauties not his own;"—
Page 148 - and it is impossible to do more than mention a few of the books most prominent for merit or originality. Amongst these there is the " Shakespeare" of Sir John Gilbert. Regarded as an interpretative edition of the great dramatist, this is little more than a brilliant tour
Page 159 - of bistre ; those orbs themselves were like the plovers' eggs whereof Lady Clavering and Blanche had each tasted ; the wrinkles in his old face were furrowed in deep gashes ; and a silver stubble, like an elderly morning dew, was glittering on his chin, and alongside the dyed whiskers, now limp and out of curl.
Page 20 - he was not a black-letter man, or a tall copyist, or an uncut man, or a rough-edge man, or an early-English dramatist, or an Elzevirian, or a broadsider, or a pasquinader, or an old brown calf man, or a Grangerite,
Page 7 - a miser. . . . Let not the collector ever, unless in some urgent and necessary circumstances, part with any of his treasures. Let him not even have recourse to that practice called barter, which political philosophers tell us is the universal resource of mankind preparatory to the invention of money.
Page 44 - een, Put in twa een o' tree ! " Had I but kenn'd, Tamlane," she says, " Before ye came frae hame, I wad ta'en out your heart o' flesh, Put in a heart o
Page 42 - it would prove much more easy in nature to have fish entertained in the air, and bullocks fed in the bottom of the ocean, than to support or tolerate a rascally rabble of people that will not lend.
Page 44 - But had I kenn'd, Tamlane," she says, " A lady wad borrowed thee, I wad ta'en out thy twa gray een, Put in twa een o' tree ! " Had I but kenn'd, Tamlane," she says, " Before ye came frae hame, I wad
Page 37 - Everything is of perfect finish,—the mahogany-railed gallery, the tiny ladders, the broad winged lecterns, with leathern cushions on the edges to keep the wood from grazing the rich bindings, the books themselves, each shelf uniform with its facings, or rather backings, like well-dressed lines at a review.

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