Annual Report of the Board of Public Works to the General Assembly of Virginia, with the Accompanying Documents, Volume 4

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Page 490 - An act for clearing and improving the navigation of James river ' and for uniting the eastern and western waters by the James and Kanawha rivers...
Page 504 - That all acts and parts of acts coming within the purview of this act, shall be, and the same are hereby repealed.
Page 499 - ... be it enacted by the General assembly that it shall be lawful for the...
Page 323 - While many other States," said the committee,1 " have been advancing in wealth and numbers with a rapidity which has astonished themselves, the ancient Dominion and elder sister of the Union has remained stationary. A very large proportion of her western territory is yet unimproved, while a considerable part of her eastern has receded from its former opulence. How many sad spectacles do her low-lands present of wasted and deserted fields, of dwellings abandoned by their proprietors, of churches in...
Page 500 - That for the payment of interest, and the final redemption of the principal...
Page 489 - An act laying duties on licenses to distillers of spirituous liquors," by obtaining a loan upon the pledge of the said duties for the reimbursement thereof, to an amount not exceeding six millions of dollars, and at a rate of interest not exceeding six per centum per annum. And any bank or banks now incorporated, or which may hereafter be incorporated, under the authority of the United States, is and are hereby authorized to...
Page 499 - ... receiving and adjusting the first subscriptions, and in like manner to return, under the hands of any three or more of them, an exact list of such additional subscriptions, with the sums subscribed, to the public authorities, as aforesaid, to be. by them, preserved as aforesaid ; and all stockholders of such Additional shares shall, and are hereby declared to be, from thence* forward, incorporated into the said company.
Page 489 - ... together with the interest, at the rate of interest agreed on; and, 'that the interest is payable semi-annually, at the treasury of the Commonwealth. Such certificate shall shew, on the face thereof, that the loan was made under the authority of this act. It shall be signed by the Treasurer, and counter-signed by the Second Auditor, and...
Page 323 - ... the lonely cabins of the West. The fathers of the land are gone where another outlet to the ocean turns their thoughts from the place of their nativity, and their affections from the haunts of their youth.
Page 440 - Wheeling, commenced under the administration of Mr. Jefferson, unites, but more imperfectly, the Western with the Atlantic States. But the complete union of these separate Parts, which geographically constitute our country, can only be effected by the completion of the projected Canal to the Ohio and Lake Erie, by means of which the country lying on the Lakes will be firmly united to that on the Western waters, and both with the Atlantic States, and the whole intimately connected with the centre.

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