The Transition Period of California: From a Province of Mexico in 1846 to a State of the American Union in 1850

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Whitaker and Ray Company, 1901 - California - 160 pages
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Page 48 - to possess himself of the port of San Francisco, and blockade or occupy such other ports as your force may permit." "You will be careful to preserve, if possible, the most friendly relations with the inhabitants, and where . you can do so, you will encourage them to adopt a course of neutrality.
Page 137 - the same inherent right of self-government as the people in the states.' " The assumption is utterly unfounded, unconstitutional, without example, and contrary to the entire practice of the government from its commencement to the present time. " The recent movement of individuals in California to form a constitution and a state government, and to appoint Senators and
Page 123 - We, the people of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, do establish this constitution.
Page 146 - coming from whatever part of the continent she may, is always welcome. " But California, that comes from the clime where the west dies away into the rising east; California, that bounds at once the empire and the continent; California, the youthful queen of the Pacific, in her robes of freedom gorgeously inlaid with gold, — is doubly welcome.
Page 144 - It is said, and I suppose truly, that, of the members who composed that convention, some sixteen were natives of and had been residents in the slaveholding states, and about twenty-two were from the non-slave-holding states, and the remaining ten members were either native Californians or old settlers
Page 77 - to exercise civil control in time of peace in a territory of the United States? Or, if sedition and rebellion should arise, where is my force to meet it? Two companies of regulars, every day diminishing by desertions that cannot be prevented, will soon be the only military force in California; and they will,
Page 146 - untold and untouched mineral wealth, as the most auspicious of many and unparalleled achievements. " To-day, California is a state more populous than the least and richer than several of the greatest of our thirty states. This same California, thus rich and populous, is here asking admission into the Union, and finds us debating the dissolution of the Union itself.
Page 142 - No; there is no such state. It has no legal or constitutional existence. It has no validity, and can have none without your sanction. " How, then, can you admit it as a state, when, according to the provisions of the constitution, your power is limited to admitting new states
Page 29 - It has been decided by the President to be of the greatest Importance in the pending war with Mexico to take the earliest possession of Upper California. An expedition with that view is hereby ordered, and you are designated to command it.
Page 44 - If the people should desire to unite their destiny with ours, they would be received as brethren, whenever this can be done without affording Mexico just cause of complaint.

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