Select private orations of Demosthenes: Pro Phormione, Contra Stephanum i., ii.; Contra Nicostratum, Cononem, Calliclem. 1896

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University Press, 1896 - Athens (Greece)
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Page 243 - Who has not trembled at the Mohock's name ? Was there a watchman took his hourly rounds, Safe from their blows, or new-invented wounds...
Page lix - Neither a borrower or a lender be: "For loan oft loses both itself and friend; "And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
Page 155 - ... the dark mould or scorching dust; pastures beside the pacing brooks ; soft banks and knolls of lowly hills ; thymy slopes of down overlooked by the blue line of lifted sea ; crisp lawns all dim with early dew or smooth in evening warmth of barred sunshine, dinted by happy feet and softening in their fall the sound of loving voices.
Page 209 - Why, you may think there's no being shot at without a little risk, and if an unlucky bullet should carry a quietus with it— I say it will be no time then to be bothering you about family matters.
Page iii - I, containing Contra Phormionem, Lacritum, Pantaenetum, Boeotum de Nomine, Boeotum de Dote, Dionysodorum. With Introductions and English Commentary by FA PALEY, MA, LL.D., with Supplementary Notes by Sir ]. E.
Page xxvi - And that this parol proof may be made, after the lapse of more than twenty years from the date of the...
Page 138 - Any citizen, with the exception of those who had been adopted when Solon entered upon his office, and had thereby become unable either to renounce or to claim an inheritance, shall have the right to dispose of his own property by will as he shall see fit, if he...
Page 54 - The only passage quoted is Dem. 403. 7, where, however, there is no reference whatever to a bankruptcy, but only to the overturning of a table towards the close of a disorderly banquet; the words are 77 yvvrj avaTrr)Brja-acra...TTjv тратгеСаи vaтретге1.
Page xiv - De litis instrumentis, quae exstant in Demosthenis, quae fertur in Lacritum, et priore adversus Stephanum orationibus.
Page 54 - In Andocides de Mysteriis, 130, we have a curious passage stating that in Athens there was a story current among the old wives and the little children, that the house of Hipponicus was haunted by an unquiet spirit that ' overturned his table' (Чтгтгомкос v TJJ olicia \iTr)pioi> трефе1, UVTOV Tpireav varptrei).

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