Annals of the Honorable East-India Company: From Their Establishment by the Charter of Queen Elizabeth, 1600, to the Union of the London and English East-India Companies, 1707-8, Volume 1

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Black, Parry, and Kingsbury, 1810 - India

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Page 494 - Brazil, or wherever else either party complains of having ." suffered them, from the other : and the particulars of " all those injurys and damages shall be exhibited to the " said Commissioners so nominated, before the aforesaid " 18th of May, with this restriction, that no new ones shall be admitted after that day.
Page 160 - be furnished with them, they could be profitably exchanged for pepper and the finer spices ;—the factors, therefore, recommended that a trade should be attempted at Surat and at Cambaya, and that two ships should be employed to purchase goods at those ports, to be sent, for sale, to Bantam and the Moluccas,
Page 151 - they be brought forthe, and do either originallie growe, and are gathered, or otherwise composed and made, some in one countrie, and some " in another, yet they are, by the Industrie of man, directed by . the hand of God, dispersed and sent out into all the ptes of the world, that thereby his
Page 140 - The Governor and " Company of Merchants of London, trading to the East-Indies,
Page 121 - then remayneth, that al the rest rich kingdoms and islands of " the East, which are in number very many, are out of their " power and jurisdiction, and free for any other princes or people " of the world to repayre unto, whome the soveraigne lords and " governors of those territories wil bee willing to admitte into
Page 335 - Company had neglected to establish fortified factories or seats of trade, to which the King's subjects could resort with safety ;—that they had consulted their own " interests only, without any regard to the King's revenue ;— " and, in general, that they had broken the conditions
Page 114 - her desire to be informed, through them, of those institutions, by which the empire of China had become so celebrated for the encouragement of trade ; and, in return, offered the fullest protection to the subjects of China, should they be disposed to open a trade to any of the ports in her dominions.
Page 519 - and the Lord Deputy of Ireland, who were directed to take the subject into their consideration, to peruse the Charters of the East-India Company, and to report their opinion to the Council, " in what manner the East-India trade might be best managed, " for the public good and its own
Page 493 - instructed and authorised by these presents, to examine and " distinguish all those losses and injurys, in the year 1611, and " after, to the 18th of May 1652, according to the English
Page 132 - not to employ any gentleman in any place of " charge," and requested " that they might be allowed to sort " theire business with men of their own qualitye, lest

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