Military studies, tr. by G.H. Caunter, with an intr. and diagrams by A. James

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Page 13 - are perfectly sound ? Are there any certain limits, in fact or theory, to inform you at what point you must stop
Page 13 - When you propose to cut away the rotten parts, can you tell us what
Page 99 - must be exercised in the choice of positions and encampments, whether for offensive or defensive operations. It is admitted by all military men that infantry is the great lever of war,
Page 99 - SOME REFLECTIONS UPON MOVEMENTS OF INFANTRY AND OTHER POINTS OF WARFARE. Most of the infantry manoeuvres executed in time of peace are not used in war; those easiest to be understood ought to form the basis of manoeuvring, and their execution should be rigorously enforced. The superfluous must be rejected without hesitation, and the leisure of
Page 75 - or a four-pounder, and a subdivision of sappers. The remainder of the infantry shall follow with the remaining artillery, and the march shall be closed up by the cavalry. The piece of cannon at the head of the column shall be fired as rapidly as possible the moment the enemy is perceived in force, in order to give notice to the
Page 54 - AIDES-DE-CAMP. Besides the confidence of the general officers, of which aides-de-camp must render themselves worthy by indefatigable zeal, it is necessary that they should be extremely active, well acquainted with the different corps of the brigade or division to which
Page 14 - afford the advantage of moving the divisions of a battalion in compact order towards their several points of formation, upon a space within the extent of their front, and
Page 106 - battalions and of the division, with hatchets, a few hoes, fascines, and light ladders. The point of attack shall be either on the right or the left, and must embrace two salient
Page 71 - them to hear at an immense distance the approach of any one, by listening from time to time with the head reclining in the excavation. Both infantry and cavalry shall supply night pickets, who, every evening before the tattoo, shall assemble behind the hut of each colonel, to be employed as circumstances may require.
Page 59 - The guard of general head-quarters, and of the chief of the staff shall be furnished by the horse and foot guides. The guard of the general in command of the artillery, by the horse or foot gunners. The guard of the commandant of engineers, and all field officers of that arm, by the sappers,

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