Review: Somewhere Towards the End: A Memoir

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I want to make it clear that this memoir is not only for those euphemistically known as “seniors” (an appellation I despise). Although it was written by a woman now 91, and it is about aging, it is not just about that; it also journeys through reading, writing, religion (or the lack thereof), children (or the absence thereof), death, sex, luck and friendship. For Diana Athill's contemporaries, the ... Read full review

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Athill in her most recent memoir deals with her changing attitudes and perceptions as she traverses old age. She counts herself lucky to have survived so long (she was 89 when she wrote this) and still enjoy life, admitting to a bit of the smugness that comes with the self confidence and self regard she has gained with maturity. She's a tough minded and clear-eyed lady who sees her failings and realizes that at her age it does her no good to fret over them. She enjoys her successes and she makes very clear that growing old--at least for the lucky ones with health, resources and friends--is far from being a disaster. Her conclusions are her own; she has no wish to provide a guide book for others, but she does describe an aging that we can all envy and hope to emulate. I recommend this to all my post-middle aged women friends (it's accessible to all, but I think women are more likely to see themselves in this book than men), and contrary to what one reviewer said, you absolutely do not have to wait until you are 80 to enjoy this book! 

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Interesting, but not really as interesting as I expected it to be. I think she'd be a fascinating woman to have tea with, though. Read full review

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