The Concise Book of Muscles

North Atlantic Books, 2008 - 189 pages
A clear, simple guide for students of anatomy as well as an excellent resource for athletes, massage therapists, and anyone interested in the workings of the human body, this user-friendly book is organized around six muscle groups. They include muscles of the face head, and neck; the trunk; the shoulder and upper arm; the forearm and hand; the hip and thigh; and the leg and foot. Each of the groups is given a distinctive color to make it easy to identify, and each muscle is shown in its relationship to the skeleton. Each gets a complete profile, including origin/insertion, action of the muscle, which nerve controls it, movements that use it, and exercises and stretches that strengthen it. The Concise Book of Muscles shows students exactly how to locate and identify specific muscles, highlighting those that are heavily used and therefore subject to injury in a variety of sports and activities. This expanded edition of a leading anatomy reference book includes 20 muscles not previously covered, adding greater depth to the original edition while remaining accessible and affordable.

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The Concise Book of Muscles

Avis d'utilisateur  - cinilove99 -

This book took a very long time to arrive at the house. It was difficult to complete homework assignments without the desired book. When the book arrived it was very useful in learning about the muscles of the body. It is a wonderful book. Consulter l'avis complet

Great professional resource!

Avis d'utilisateur  - jamiesanne -

As a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer this book is excellent for reviewing my own knowledge of the body as well as helping illustrate things for my clients. The suggestions for exercises and ... Consulter l'avis complet

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À propos de l'auteur (2008)

Chris Jarmey, MCSP, DS, MRSS, has taught anatomy, shiatsu, qigong, and bodywork therapy throughout Europe. Also the author of Acupressure for Common Ailments, Concise Book of the Moving Body, and many other books, he runs a bodywork therapy practice in Marlborough, United Kingdom, where he lives.

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