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I like and admire Google channel for exposing such excellent books.The book 'History of Islamic Philosopy' by Mr I.M.N.Al-Jubouri appears to be excellent and interesting for common people for
lucid style.One topic I point out,while comparing various philosophers one basic criteria is missing,ie, the philosopher is a believer of faith or atheist.There is no point in discussing philosophies if they are totally on opposite solution to problems,like Christian philosophy may not be discussable in Marxist countries but it certainly has a philosophical presence in scholarly world.Similarly comparison of Averros and Al Ghazali is only arguments.I mean to say the applied aspect is limited
to contempory times,so I infer we should club philosophy with practical science progress to make it a popular topic,to enhance our intellect for standards of life.

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Just what i was looking for. Spent alot of time just looking for a bridge that links Greek philosophy to Islam and came across this book which helped. However, not read the whole book...

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