The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal: Exhibiting a Concise View of the Latest and Most Important Discoveries in Medicine, Surgery, and Pharmacy

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1854 - Medicine
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Page iii - DR. HINDS. THE HARMONIES OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE IN RELATION TO THE HIGHER SENTIMENTS; with Observations on Medical Studies, and on the Moral and Scientific Relations of Medical Life. Post 8vo. cloth, 4s.
Page 209 - They have no connection with the gout, being found in persons who never had it ; they continue for life ; and being hardly ever attended with pain, or disposed to become sores, are rather unsightly than inconvenient, though they must be some little hindrance to the free use of the fingers.
Page iv - WHAT TO OBSERVE AT THE BEDSIDE AND AFTER DEATH, IN MEDICAL CASES. Published under the authority of the London Society for Medical Observation. A new American, from the second and revised LondoL edition.
Page 373 - To the inexperienced the detailed descriptions of such phenomena as the intensification of the sounds of the pulmonary valves ; of constrictive murmurs as distinguished from non-constrictive ; of associations of different murmurs at the opposite sides of the heart ; of pre-systolic and post-systolic, pre-diastolic and post-diastolic murmurs, act injuriously — first, by conveying the idea that the separate existence of these phenomena is certain, and that their diagnostic value is established ;...
Page 599 - ... to warrant its classification under the same head. In every instance which has come under my own observation, the pustule has been seated upon the lower lip, and from this point the inflammation has spread. In a fatal case related to me by a physician, in whose practice it recently occurred, the pustule was seated upon the side of the nose. Although the nature and progress of the disease show a vitiated state of the system, in no instance have I been able to trace the attack to the contact of...
Page 598 - ... and sustaining remedies for the general system. Portions of the lip sloughed, but he recovered. CASE 3. — Mr. W., aged 26, married, furniture dealer, of good habits, and hitherto perfect health, discovered a small pustule on the under lip near the right angle of the mouth, on the 2d of April.
Page v - A TREATISE ON ACUTE AND CHRONIC DISEASES OF THE NECK OF THE UTERUS. With numerous plates, drawn and colored from nature in the highest style of art.
Page 427 - Bird in his experiments with this salt, namely, that the pain of the disease remarkably declines so soon as the urine becomes alkaline and rises in specific gravity; and he further records his impression, that the tendency to affections of the heart is very much lessened after the alkalinity of the urine has been established. Dr. Bird's experience of the efficacy of the acetate of potass, in the treatment of acute rheumatism, has been derived from a large number of cases. The only adjuvants he has...
Page 599 - Although the nature and progress of the disease show a vitiated state of the system, in no instance have I been able to trace the attack to the contact of poisonous matter, or its reception into the system in the food or drink. In every instance the patient has been in the enjoyment of good health, and the progress of the disease, though rapid, has excited so little local and general disturbance as not to excite alarm until a short time before its fatal termination. The general symptoms are of a...
Page 597 - MD, Professor of Surgery in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. There have come under my observation, within a recent period, several cases of a peculiar form of inflammation of the lips and face, which resembles somewhat phlegmonous erysipelas, but more strikingly, especially in its commencement, malignant pustule, and, in its subsequent progress, carbuncle. It, however, differs from these affections in some essential particulars, which will be noticed after giving the details of the...

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