Census Bulletin, Issues 100-150

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Department of the Interior, Census Office, 1891 - United States
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Page 50 - Christ, and to the eternal judgment, believing that each individual will receive reward or punishment in strict measure according to the good or evil deeds done in life. They hold that men are to be saved by faith in God and Christ, by forsaking sin, by immersion for the remission of sin, and by the laying on of hands. They believe that revelations of God are still given by the Holy Spirit for the guidance of the church, and that the gifts, blessings, and powers of the Holy Spirit in Bible times...
Page 2 - This shows an increase in population hi cities of this size of 179,885, or 54.97 per cent. The most considerable increases in urban population in number are found in Indianapolis and Evansville. Indianapolis shows an increase of 30,380, or 40.48 per cent, while Evansville shows an increase of 21,476, or 73.35 per cent. Fort Wayne and South Bend also show large proportionate increases. The largest percentages of increase are found in Hammond, Marion, Anderson, Muncie, Frankfort, and Kokomo. In only...
Page 2 - Waldensians of the twelfth century and through other churches holding the same faith to the earliest ages of the Christian era. It is the most numerous body of Mennonites in this country, having 246 organizations and 17,078 communicants. This body is represented in istates, but 10,077 of its communicants are to be found in the state of Pennsylvania.
Page 7 - California in detail by counties, townships or precincts, cities, wards of cities, towns, and villages according to the official count of the returns made under the Eleventh Census.
Page 23 - Minnesota in detail by counties, townships, cities, wards of cities, and villages, according to the official count of the returns made under the Eleventh Census, taken as of June 1, 1890.
Page 50 - Church is represented in 36 states and 3 territories, including that of Utah. It returns 21,773 members, of whom 5,303 are in Iowa. The next largest number, 3,189, is in Missouri; Illinois has 1,909, Michigan 1,540, and California 1,396. There are 431 organizations, with only i22> edifices.
Page 13 - The Conservative Brethren are the main branch of Dunkards. In the division which was caused by differences concerning the enforcement of the principle of nonconformity to the world the Conservatives occupy a position midway between the Progressive and Old Order bodies. They have established Sunday schools and schools for the higher education, and also conduct missionary enterprises. They are represented in...
Page 1 - ... or more, so far as it has been possible to make the separation from the returns of the enumerators : POPULATION BY MINOR CIVIL DIVISIONS.
Page 58 - NY, whence they removed thirteen years later to their present location in Iowa. They are a religious rather than an industrial community, and are devoted Bible readers, believing that all parts of the Book are inspired. They hold to the Trinity, to justification by faith, to the resurrection of the dead, but not to eternal punishment. The wicked are to be purified in fire. They do not observe the sacrament of baptism, but make much of that of the Lord's Supper, which, however, is celebrated not oftencr...
Page 3 - The following summary gives the population of each county according to the censuses of 1890 and 1880, and the increase or decrease during the decade : SUMMARY BY COUNTIES Ⅰ0Ⅰ @ ' LA ブ @ 0 対 Ⅰ0PUⅠ▲T@OⅠ Ⅰer '"。。 1*80.

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